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June 19, 2019 • By Rachel Hawk


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SeaNet Yachts

You haven’t SeaNet all just yet!

If you’re a ThirdHome member who enjoys vacationing on the water and we mean on the water, our newest Affiliate is for the one for you. This time we aren’t talking about a front row villa with an ocean view, we want to invite you to come sail away in a luxury yacht with SeaNet!

ThirdHome is excited to welcome SeaNet “The world’s leading fractional yacht ownership company,” as our newest Affiliate.  SeaNet is a welcome reminder for members that, with ThirdHome, owning a second home opens the door to other luxury homes in amazing destinations and yachts more!

SeaNet specializes in fractional yacht ownership, with a variety of yachts in locations worldwide, and now ThirdHome members will have access to SeaNet’s fleet! SeaNet offers trips to popular locations including Spain, Italy, Bahamas, French Caribbean, Croatia, and coastal United States destinations.

Currently, through The Club, ThirdHome Members can choose from yachts in locations across North America including Vancouver, Newport Beach, San Diego, and Aventura, FL. Cruises. Ships available on ThirdHome Exchange include 50-60 foot yachts with stays for up to 6 days!

SeaNet Absolute 50 Fly - Vacanza Deck View

Absolute 50 Fly “Vacanza”

SeaNet Absolute Navetta 58 - Talia Deck View

Absolute Navetta 58 “Talia”

SeaNet Absolute 60 Fly - Vai Alla Grande Bedroom

Absolute 60 Fly “Vai Alla Grande”

SeaNet Absolute 60 Fly - Volare Bathroom

Absolute 60 Fly “Volare”

SeaNet Sunseeker Manhattan 60 - IOS

Sunseeker Manhattan 60 “IOS”

Extra amenities featured on these state-of-the-art luxury yachts include paddleboards, wet bars, grills, snorkeling, fishing gear and more!  A daily fee applies to all yachts to cover fuel and crew costs, please see each yacht’s property pages, at the links above, for their respective fee.

SeaNet can also be a great complement to any vacation! Depending on your departure and destination, there are a variety of ways to incorporate a SeaNet yacht. You may choose a yacht as your main ThirdHome accommodation or as an extension before or after another trip, maybe even a method of transportation. There are many different ways to make a SeaNet yacht part of your next trip!  

Click here to view available SeaNet stays.

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