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ThirdHome Announces Partnership with Concierge Auctions

July 12, 2017 • By THIRDHOME


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Learn more about The Leading Marketplace to buy and sell luxury properties and how they turned the high-end real estate industry on its head:

ThirdHome and Concierge Auctions are kindred spirits in many ways. Both saw the limitations of luxury real estate and set out to innovate the way we buy, sell and benefit from luxury homes. Concierge Auctions identified the limitations of the traditional realtor model back in 2008. Connecting buyers and sellers of high-end properties was extremely difficult, and marketing the property was even harder.

Concierge Auctions changed the game by creating a platform for buyers, sellers, and agents to connect. Concierge Auctions also recognized that art, antiques, and other luxury items were sold via auction. Virtual auctions are now used to sell these beautiful homes following a 30-day exposure period to reach key market and global buyers through advertising, press, and targeted outreach to their database of more than 500,000 buyers, sellers, and agents worldwide.

Concierge Auctions doesn’t just sell any home either. They select only one out of 20 properties that apply for auction, and their buyers know they are bidding on the best inventory available in the world. And Concierge Auctions doesn’t want to replace your current real estate broker, it wants to work with them. Every auction conducted by Concierge Auctions has been done with an agent partner, with both buyer and seller agent commissions protected.

Concierge Auctions is the largest luxury estate marketplace in the world. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, the company has generated over $1 billion in sales and is active in 37 US states/territories and 15 countries. The firm owns what is arguably the most valuable, ultra-high-net-worth client list in real estate and has been named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. Magazine for the past three years.

When selling through Concierge Auctions, sellers do not pay upfront engagement or consultation fees. The buyer pays a premium on the high bid amount.

So buy, sell, and discover new luxury properties around the world with Concierge Auctions.

Let one of their videos speak for itself:

To learn more about Concierge Auctions click here.

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