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November 9, 2020 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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More options for our members

ThirdHome recently launched a partnership with TurnKey, a luxury vacation rental management company based in the US. This strategic partnership comes at the perfect time as the increased demand for private vacation homes is on the rise, and travelers are booking more drive-to family & group vacations with shorter lead times. 

What does this mean for ThirdHome members?

We are thrilled with this new relationship and the access it brings our members to sought-out destinations, increased flexibility in travel dates, and most importantly, more choices.

This structure of this new collaboration is slightly different. Here’s how it works: When a new TurnKey homeowner joins, they are able to open up as many weeks as they like on their calendar, but then once 2 weeks are booked, no more weeks can be reserved by members. As you can see in the example below, this particular home has 37 different weeks.

How to find and reserve homes with multiple weeks of open availability.

Reserving a home is similar to making other Exchange reservations with just a few slight differences. First, in order to find these homes, select the “More Filters” option and select “Open Availability”

Once you find a home, select “View Availability.” Dates that are shaded gray are not available. Dates in gold are available to be booked.

Select the timeframe you wish to reserve to check the Key value and Exchange Fee. Each stay will be 7 days total. Then, book trip as normal.

For any questions you have, please contact the Member Experience Team by emailing or by calling 833-682-7264.

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