Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park: A Gem in the United States

September 14, 2017 • By Sorelle Amore


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Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Talk about a country’s hidden treasure.

The minute I started telling people I was going to this location everyone informed me I was in for a treat. That it was their favorite place in the whole country and I should get my camera ready.

Being a girl that usually calls Iceland home, I’m no longer easily impressed by nature’s beauty because some would say Iceland tops the list for beautiful destinations.

So how did Yellowstone National Park and my visit to Montana measure up?

I was impressed. Very impressed.

The sheer size of the park and the incredibly diverse wildlife still leave me astonished. How can one park be home to so many animals?

Here are a few facts about Yellowstone that will probably blow you away:

I spent just one day at Yellowstone National Park and truly, if it was by choice, I would have spent at least another week there searching every nook and cranny of this hidden gem including the vast mountains, rivers, forests and waterfalls.

As for the other areas around the beautiful THIRDHOME property I was staying in called Elk Run, there is the local town, Livingston. And I will immediately admit that I will dream of this little town often.

It’s small but it is full of life and culture. Being an Australian, all I saw around me was a movie set replica. All of a sudden I got a very strong urge to become a Hollywood actress and drive down the Livingston streets in my red convertible.

Local breweries, local seafood restaurants (yum!), libraries, and cafes galore with exceptional cold brew coffee for those hot summer days and natural food stores with fresh, green, healthy juices for breakfast. Everything this girl needs.

A signature activity that is done around this area, is taking a boat out on the Yellowstone River. You can just float down the river or opt for a fly fishing boat if you want an exciting fishing experience. In the evening, swing by Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa to take a dip in hot spring pools and whilst you’re at it, try their exquisite restaurant for a sensational local meal.

If you would like to be involved in the local nightlife, you have two options – check out Bozeman city about a 40-minute drive from Elk Run. It’s heavily a college town and the vibe of Bozeman is young and fun. Otherwise, for a more local experience, minutes down the road from Elk Run is Pine Creek Lodge. They had live country music blearing in their outdoor courtyard on Friday nights filled with everyone dancing the night away, great food and local beer.

Thanks for having me Montana and Yellowstone National Park.  And I hope to see you again soon.

-Sorelle Amore


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