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Larry Grossman: 7 at 70

August 17, 2021 • By Margeaux Gerwin

THIRDHOME member Larry Grossman turns 70 this year.

In celebration of this milestone, he’s hitting all 7 continents with the help of THIRDHOME.

Meet Larry:

World Traveler, Philanthropist, Friend, & THIRDHOME Member

As Larry travels the globe with THIRDHOME, he’ll be blogging about his experiences as he navigates the post-pandemic world. His planning began in 2019 with THIRDHOME Director of Adventures, Liz Bates, who has assisted him in pivoting to satisfy his travel cravings when COVID-19 restrictions have not allowed him to visit a destination. Keep reading to learn more about Larry’s most recent travel experiences.

Test Run: The Pandemic Pivot Blog

For starters, I love everything about Spain.  Tapas, flamenco, local fiestas, Mediterranean food, Las Ramblas in Barcelona and Moorish architecture.  I planned to return to international travel and visit southern Spain in September as a vaccinated American and visualized myself sitting on a balcony in my Third Home condo in Malaga, sipping sangria, and gazing at the Mediterranean.  Seaside condo, check!  Car rental to explore the Costa del Sol, check!   Renewed passport with extra pages, check!   And then I saw the dreaded CDC Traveler’s Health notification: “Level 4: Very High, Avoid travel to Spain”.  And thus began my “Pandemic Pivot”. 

I consider myself a pretty adventurous guy, but the emergence of the Delta variant and the possibility of quarantine made me reconsider and go to “Plan B: East Coast Road Trip”.  So, I returned to the Third Home website and there it was: “Chateau Plateau” in the New York Catskills.  In 8 hours and 3 minutes I could arrive at the front door of the house and thereby satisfy my travel addiction.  I booked it quickly, places like this don’t last long on the website, and then it got better!  I called my friend and muse Liz Bates, THIRDHOME travel guru and after whining about my lost European adventure and informing her of my revised road trip she had an idea.  “Don’t stop in New York, keep going north in New England.”  “Why don’t you consider going “glamping” in Cape Cod, I know a great place and September is beautiful in that part of the world.” 

I replied that Larry’s Camping Era ended about 4 decades ago and I was presently a bit of a lodging snob, in large part due to being spoiled as a THIRDHOME member.  So camping was not an option, and by the way, what the hell is “glamping” anyway?  She patiently pointed me toward the Cape Cod “Autocamp” website that highlighted Airstreams and luxury tents that bore no resemblance to my prior camping experience of sleeping in a pup tent in a noisy and bug infested campground.  I humbly apologized, and at her suggestion, made a reservation to spend 3 nights in a 220 square-foot Autocamp tent that featured a king size bed, mini refrigerator, sofa and most importantly access to a “Chic Signature Clubhouse bathroom” (whatever that was). 

And so I went!  My New England adventure was just what the doctor ordered. I substituted fruity sangrias for NY wines, daydreaming on my Malaga balcony for hiking in the Catskills, and enthusiastically embraced exploring a different body of water along the beautiful Cape Cod coast, devouring tasty lobster rolls and soaking in the serenity of New England’s charm, in lieu of my Spanish adventure.  I figured Spain would still be there next year, as would airplanes, tapas, historic sites and the Mediterranean Sea. 

To read more about Larry’s adventures with THIRDHOME, click here. Stay tuned for more of his travels!

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