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Meet your Nashville Adventure host: JT Hodges

April 22, 2019 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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Get to know ThirdHome Adventure host, JT Hodges, and learn more about this extraordinary Soul to Soul Adventure!

JT Hodges of Buffalo Soul has come together with ThirdHome Adventures to offer an authentic Nashville “Music City” experience set in a historic boutique bungalow. The Soul to Soul Music City Adventure includes a private in-house concert of your very own. Indulge in quintessential Southern food and hospitality with your ACM-nominated talented host, JT Hodges, as you embark on an unforgettable Nashville stay together.

Read our interview with JT Hodges below to learn more about this Music City Adventure!

JT Hodges Bufalo Soul

How did you get involved in the music industry?

I was born into it. My father started the first multi-track recording studio ever built in Fort Worth, Texas, called Buffalo Sound Studios. My mom was a professional singer and was offered a recording contract with MCA records but chose to stay home and raise her babies. Music has just always been a part of my life.

How have you seen the music industry change and where would you like to see it go in the future?

The digital age obviously completely changed the music business landscape forever. The days of multi-million records being sold is unfortunately over. Personally, I would like to see the music business better compensate its creators. The creators being the singers, songwriters, producers, and musicians.  It’s the “wild wild west” these days but I guess that’s what makes it exciting! I am very positive about the future for music and opening it up to everyone outside the industry bubble.

Why is music so special to you and your family?

Honestly, we all just have this amazing feeling that connects us to music. The feeling reminds me of that unconditional love you have for your family and friends. I like to say it’s in the blood because it’s just such a part of who we are. It’s always been a huge part of our family.

How was Buffalo Soul founded?

My wife Kasey and I had the concept to create an experiential creative retreat/stay for artists, as well as the listeners and music lovers. Our partner and creative visionary, Todd Baldree, helped us make Buffalo Soul a reality. We are so proud of what we have all accomplished thus far in just a short amount of time.

What is your favorite part about living in Nashville?

The sense of community and obviously the fact that it is Music City!

What do you love most about curating experiences for guests staying at Buffalo Soul?

I love seeing and feeling the listeners and artists connect. It truly is a soul to soul experience. I love watching the fourth wall being broken down and seeing real connections being made.  It makes me so proud to also know that an appreciation for the music is being realized.

What makes this Adventure so unique and what are your goals as the Adventure Host?

This Adventure is so unique because we truly give our guests the opportunity to check out from their hectic lifestyles, step out of their comfort zones and check into the things that ground us and make us feel connected to ourselves and one another. Our guests also always leave Buffalo Soul with a new appreciation for the art of music and sense of community.

My goals as an Adventure Host are simple. I love meeting new people, making a connection that’s truly memorable. Getting an opportunity to give to others and make their experience special is what it’s all about!  I am really looking forward to hosting more ThirdHome guests in the future.

What do you hope guests will get out of this experience?

Illumination, inspiration and a whole lotta soul.

jt and kasey buffalo soul

More about JT Hodges:

ACM-nominated artist JT Hodges hit the country music scene under Show Dog Universal with his Billboard Hot Country charting debut “Hunt You Down” from his self-titled album in 2011. His follow up single “Goodbyes Made You Mine” raced up the charts and garnered over one million views and over two million Spotify plays, while “Sleepy Little Town” spent two weeks at #1 on Sirius/XM’s The Highway. The blue eyed Texas native has captured hearts of fans across the nation while touring with the likes of Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Eli Young Band, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas and Toby Keith. In December 2013 he received rave reviews from The New York Times on his starring performance in the Hallmark Film Finding Christmas, helping to secure the film as the #1 rated movie of the week. His heartwarming rendition of “Joy to the World” from the film was released digitally the same month. JT has scored several top ten singles since with the songs “Goodbyes Made you Mine”, “Ray Bans” a top 5 record and “Sleepy Little Town”, which went to number one!

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