Inspiring Experiences: Members Helping Members

April 8, 2020 • By Margeaux Gerwin


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Over the years, THIRDHOME has cultivated a true sense of community. 

Since its inception in 2010, we’ve experienced first-hand the generosity and thoughtfulness our members have for one another when the unexpected comes up. The personal connections are real. This spring, during the most unimaginable of situations, we have really come to witness genuine kindness. Keep reading to see how members are inspiring us by helping each other in travel emergencies and other difficult situations!

A few stories from our team…

“[Member, Penny’s] daughter had placed a system request for a home in Solvang, California a couple days ago and hadn’t heard back. Through a series of conversations, Cassidy (Member Experience Senior Associate) and I talked to the owner and managed to make it happen for the dates needed. She was very grateful and happy to be able to spend Easter isolating with her small kids and husband in such a beautiful place.”

– Isabella E., Member Experience Senior Associate, THIRDHOME

“[Member, Allison] was a delight to work with.  Despite facing a rather time-sensitive booking scenario to secure a great Aspen week, Allison was polite and eager to work with Dan (Vice President of Client Growth) and I through the entire booking/upgrade process.  Being on the receiving end of her virtual joy and feedback certainly reminded me how fortunate I am to work with such great THIRDHOME members.”

– Mike B., Senior Director of Operations, THIRDHOME

“A member’s parents were stuck in Phuket in the midst of all the resorts and hotels closing around them in response to COVID-19. They feared being stranded, not sure if they could safely make it back to their home. Another THIRDHOME member had a home in the area, and was willing to offer it up for the member’s parents for the entire month, despite having sent home the staff, until the worst would assumedly pass. Thankfully, the member’s parents ended up finding a flight home but it was still tremendous to see members acting with such grace and generosity.”

– Giles A., President, THIRDHOME Europe

“Bill [Member] has always been great to work with since I started with THIRDHOME. He had two March reservations at the Ritz, St. Thomas for quite some time for himself and his niece as a honeymoon gift, and I was able to help book a consecutive week for him and take advantage of his 60-day Keyless booking access. However, with COVID-19 and the situation deteriorating quite rapidly, we had to quickly change his travel plans and cancel the reservations right before our office closed for the weekend. As always, he was very appreciative of THIRDHOME’s help with handling the cancellations so quickly and at no penalty due to the circumstances.”

– Breanna M., Senior Member Experience Associate, THIRDHOME

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