How to Expand the Use of Your Luxury Second Home

January 24, 2017 • By CHartley


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When searching for the perfect second home, contemplating the amount of time you’ll actually use it is definitely a factor. To ensure you expand the use of your luxury second home you want to be confident that you will enjoy it enough times per year to make the investment worth the purchase.

Surely you know location, location, location is imperative for real estate appreciation value and to be sought after by renters. Pick a spot you know you will love skiing during the winter months just as much as you will love golfing over the summer. Plan to deck the home with the finest furnishings and tasteful appointments to make it homey and a place where you’ll want to be all year round. These are all great ways to maximize the use of your second home.

But what about that itch you have to travel to new locations, have new adventures, experience different cultures, see incredible landscapes and create new memories? Having the travel bug may keep you away from your prize second home possession. Rather than letting it sit empty and have you feeling guilty for not using it; here’s how you can expand the use of your luxury second home.



Let someone else enjoy your thoughtfully appointed luxury second home while you enjoy theirs. Earn a Key, use a Key with our exclusive ThirdHome travel club! You no longer have to feel guilty about repeating your vacations to the same destination because you are tied to one location with your second home. You can now use the investment to your advantage and excite your luxury travel desires. Travel the world in style and stay in premier luxury second homes all over the world by exchanging unused time in your second home for time in one of our member’s luxury second homes.


Another benefit? You no longer have to worry about the trustworthiness of renters. All ThirdHome members are reviewed and approved, so you can have peace of mind. By expanding the use of your luxury second home with our travel club, all you have to worry about is where you will travel to next and how fast you can pack your bags! Start checking boxes off your travel list and search for your next luxury getaway destination!



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