How to be an Outstanding Luxury Home Exchange Host

April 26, 2016 • By Caitlin Adams


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As a reciprocal home exchange club, we rely on our community of members to both graciously host guests in their homes and also receive great treatment when they decide to travel. Here’s what our members are saying about their experiences with host members while participating in home exchanges:

“Jerry was superb in providing the requested information and his recommendations for restaurants were spot on! ” – Tom Q.

“We enjoyed our communications with the owner, Claudio, very much. Not only was he helpful, providing many suggestions for eating out, but we feel we have a new friend in NM. I highly recommend a stay here!!” – Sally R.

“Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality! As soon as we booked our trip, Helen went above and beyond to send ample suggestions of things to do and see during our stay with a great selection of local favorites.” – Phillip L.

“Charlotte provided very clear arrival, check-in and high-tech security lock instructions, and gave some great restaurant recommendations.” – Matthew M.

What leads to an outstanding host review like the above? Here is a list of the top ways to impress when hosting a fellow THIRDHOME Exchange member:

Be available and timely with your communications:

Answer all questions a guest member asks to the best of your ability and within a short timeframe. If you are having trouble communicating, try scheduling a time to talk ahead of time that works for both of you. Additionally, if you don’t have time to answer their questions immediately, send off a quick email letting them know you received their questions and will respond as soon as you get a free moment.

Leave a welcome letter or instructional booklet:

Each home has particular quirks for operation. Simple things that you know inside and out can be confusing to a new guest, like operating your kitchen appliances, electronics, and security systems. To make the transition easier, leave a welcome letter or instructional booklet easily accessible in your home. Alternatively, you can email the packet to the guest member ahead of time if you would rather keep a digital file.

Help your guests feel like they are one of the locals:

One of the best advantages to participating in a house swap instead of staying in a hotel is being able to fully immerse yourself into the culture by feeling like a local. As a host, take it a step further and assist your guest by offering helpful suggestions. These can include a list of your favorite restaurants or chef, must-see local attractions, and area excursions.

Following through with these few tips will help enhance the experience of your guests greatly during the home exchange process!

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