House Swap? The Ultimate Checklist: How to Prepare Your Home for a Home Exchange

July 21, 2021 • By THIRDHOME


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Have you ever watched the popular program wife swap? In this program, two wives swap homes and live with the swapper’s husband in their home. The drama can be intense.

But part of the program’s fun was getting to see the house swap that went with it. How did the other person adapt to the other person’s home? 

Have you ever considered what it would be like to live in someone else’s home?

This could be a house swap where you could live like a local in England or Wales. Here’s everything you need to know.

Presenting Your Home

You must present your home in the best manner possible. It’s not a hotel, it’s a house exchange but that’s a nice thing. It is fun to prepare your home and enjoy thinking about the look on your exchange partners’ faces when they see it. 

Create a list. It should be complete and a little detailed. It can end up being intimidating, but it makes your partner feel secure and at home. Remember that a little effort can make a big difference. 

Remember to customize and personalize the items according to your time and skills. If you are walking around to check everything is in order, bring a camera, phone, or a notepad.  

Including pictures of your house in a manual as well as a  house swap checklist. It can be a helpful way to show your exchange partner how your house works. Make sure that the house number is clearly marked and visible. 

Spruce Up

Remove weeds and dying plants when you prepare for your house exchange. Tidy your yard and patio. This will create a nice path to your front door. This is how you prepare for a house swap.

A fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective and effective way to make your home attractive as you prepare for a house swap. It’s also a welcome mat that is not only environmentally friendly but also helps you to keep your floor clean. Scratches on the door are also eliminated. 

Whether you have an old house or live on the other side of the sea, squeaky doors might be inevitable. A little fat not only solves the problem but also makes it a little less problematic.     

You could also consider getting a smart key system on your smartphone to facilitate key handover.

Safety Checks 

Smoke and CO2 detectors should be checked regularly and, if necessary, the batteries replaced, too. 

You can scald your water as it flows into the shower, but many people prefer 105 degrees C.

Electrical things are easy to repair with a little knowledge. Make a point to tell your replacement where the distribution boxes are located. If there are paint shavings or flakes, it is a good time to fix them.

If there is a stain, or if it is too much for you to notice, let them know in their welcome pack.    

It can get stressful during the exchange if they see a stain and wonder if they are the culprit. 

A House Swap Can Be Fun

A house swap can be a great deal of fun. You get to experience life in someone else’s home for a short time, and they get to experience life in yours.

It can be a character-building experience if everything is done the right way and you put in the effort to spruce up your house beforehand.

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