Home Swap London?  How to Live Like a Local

March 22, 2022 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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London hosts plenty of attractions and has a diverse and vibrant culture. It’s an appealing city for both visitors and residents alike, but the locals’ experience is much more magical than anything a visitor can ever imagine. As a local, you are exposed to neighborhoods, sites, landmarks, and customs that a tourist would never find no matter how many travel guides they read.

But how do you experience the city like a local? The answer is simple: swap your home with someone who lives in London!

Not to mention that home swapping is not only cheaper than staying in a hotel but also more rewarding since you will be avoiding the usual bland, anonymous environment of most hotels, you’ll be able to relax in your own space with plenty of room to stretch your legs, and to be on your own schedule when it comes to meals. This is especially welcome if you are traveling with kids.

By living in London like a resident, you’ll get a chance to explore the various districts at leisure and maybe make some new friends too.

This blog post talks about why house swapping is such an interesting idea and why it’s worth trying if you haven’t already.


London is a city with plenty of history and tradition. And just like any other city, it has its own culture and quirks that locals know well. It’s an appealing city for visitors and residents alike but visitors definitely miss out on lots of great things.

And that’s why home swapping is one of the most exciting things that’s happened to travel in a long time, because it allows you to be a local anywhere in the world!

How Home Swapping Works

A home swap is when you temporarily exchange your home with someone who wants to live in your location.

For example, you could trade your apartment in London for an American’s house in New York.

The idea behind it is to live like a local and get a different perspective of the city. A nice side effect is that you’ll also save money in the process and that’s especially great in places like London that are notorious for being uber expensive.

To do a house swap, you just need to find someone who wants to trade homes with you and coordinate all the details of your exchange, from travel dates to rules of engagement.

You can search online for an exchange partner or try talking to people you know who might be interested in trading with you.

Otherwise, an easier and safer way to find house swapping opportunities nowadays is by visiting a reputable home exchange website like ThirdHome.

Generally, all you have to do on these sites is set up a profile and search for your ideal exchange home. ThirdHome has over 13,000 listings all over the world, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.


Home swapping is a great way to experience a place at a whole new level even if you’ve been there as a tourist before. We highly recommend it as do countless other people around the world.

We hope this short guide convinced you to try it if you haven’t already, so you’re not left wishing that you had found out about this sooner.

Have fun home swapping! Get started on your home exchange adventure with ThirdHome here: https://www.thirdhome.com/

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