THIRDHOME: Steps Above Your Typical Home Exchange

March 1, 2017 • By CHartley


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Not many years ago the idea of sharing was limited to only your nearest and dearest. Today sharing extends to people around the world with the help of car sharing and home swapping services. These trends are popular for good reasons! Car sharing will lead to having less communities built entirely around cars and leave less of a mark on our environment. Home exchange is making big waves in the way people people vacation, encourages travel and demands a more comfortable stay. Home exchange is when a second home owner exchanges unused time in their home for unused time in someone else’s second home. At THIRDHOME our members own luxury second homes all over the world and exchange unused time in their home to spend time in another members home. This gives our members the opportunity to travel the world and stay in luxury second homes.


You are no longer limited to traveling to the city that your second home sits in. By sharing your home you trade unused time in your home, for unused time in someone else’s all over the world (read more here). Rather than feeling like a tourist every time you travel, you can feel like a local. Grab the best gelato around the corner in Florence, crepes and French onion soup in Paris or dine at a neighborhood restaurant steps away in New York City.

Your crowded hotel room with a coffee maker isn’t cutting it these days. You need a place where you can relax, entertain and enjoy. Today you can host your family and friends in a home with plenty of rooms. Host a dinner at a dining room table or watch football comfortably on the couch with your dog at your feet. If this sounds like home to you, that’s the point.


THIRDHOME is different than other home exchange companies because of our stamp of approval. You can trust your home is in good hands since we perform a series of verification steps before our members and their properties are accepted. Not all homes are accepted into our exclusive travel club, so when you vacation at a THIRDHOME you know it’s up to snuff. When you visit a THIRDHOME property you can be confident its situated in a desirable location, has great amenities and tasteful furnishings.


THIRDHOME is the finest luxury second home exchange program out there. With our interactive website, you can make real time bookings and be rest assured you know what you’re getting. Our club allows members to experience luxury properties in a way where they truly get out what they put in.

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