Home Exchange España? How to Take Your Travel Game to the Next Level!

April 3, 2022 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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With so many people longing for a cultural experience and the opportunity to connect with locals, home swap opportunities in Spain can be a great way to spend your holiday.

With its varied climate and culture, Spain is an ideal destination for exploration. From the beaches of Costa del Sol to the mountains of Sierra Nevada, there is something for everyone.

What makes this country special is that it’s not only full of awe-inspiring scenery but also rich with history and culture. No one will get bored here! Whether you want to visit world class museums or mingle with the locals watching fountain light shows, Spain’s diverse environment will make your stay unforgettable.

And while you are there, make sure to try some of Spain’s famous cuisine such as paella and tapas.

Here are some tips on how to find home swap opportunities in Spain.

What is a home swap?

A home swap is a type of vacation where you stay in someone else’s home, and they stay in yours.

If you’re looking for a cultural experience and an opportunity to connect with locals during your travels, house swapping is an ideal solution. This way, you will get to know the area better than any tourist ever could. 

It’s night and day in terms of experience, the friendships you can make and the memories you can build.

The Benefits of Home Swapping

As mentioned, one of the more obvious benefits of home swapping is that you’ll get to experience a different culture as in insider. With the help of a local homeowner, you’ll be able to arrange for more than just accommodation; they can introduce you to the natural and cultural wonders of Spain.

Another great benefit is that it’s an affordable way to see and do as much as possible. When home swapping, you usually don’t have to pay for accommodation as you’re trading homes with someone. This means that your budget will go much further when travelling!

It’s also a good option for families travelling with children. Home exchange can be a great alternative to your standard hotel that tends to get cramped quickly, especially when traveling with children.

How to Find Home Swap Opportunities in Spain

Finding a home swap opportunity in Spain can be difficult or easy depending on how you go about it. Here are some tips to help you find one:

  1. Ask your friends if they have any contacts or if they know of anyone who’s done a home swap with someone from Spain recently. If this is way you choose to do this, be prepared to be persistent and allow plenty of time ahead of your trip for it to come together.
  2. Search on the internet: There are house exchange websites like ThirdHome that specialize in matching aspiring home swappers with their dream home. These sites do all the heavy lifting for you, including pre-selecting properties and offering reviews and feedback that you can check for peace of mind and to make sure that the swap will meet all your needs and expectations.


Home swapping is a fantastic way to live like a local and save money while exploring the world, it’s pretty hard to beat really!

Spain’s culture is rich with history, heritage, and traditions that make it a wonderful place to experience as a local!

While it can be hard to set up a home exchange if you do it yourself, there are plenty of specialized home exchange sites like ThirdHome that make it really easy to try this fantastic way of traveling if you’ve never done it before.

So, why not go for it and take your travel game to the next level with a home swap?

Get started on your Spanish home exchange adventure with ThirdHome here

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