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Giles Adams’ Top 5 Thrilling Moments Filming the Paramount+ Original Series Millionaire Holiday Home Swap with ThirdHome

October 4, 2022 • By Carissa Hebert

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From the southernmost tip of Africa to the countryside of Scotland, Giles Adams has been traveling from gorgeous home to gorgeous home in the Paramount+ original series, Millionaire Holiday Home Swap—a new show about the ThirdHome lifestyle. Not only did Giles explore some extraordinary places for the first time, but he was also surprised by some unforgettable experiences along the way. He’s here to tell us all about his top five most memorable moments while filming Millionaire Holiday Home Swap!

Read Giles’ full testimonial below:

Millionaire Holiday Home Swap Contributor Giles Adams outside ThirdHome Office in Marbella, Spain

There are several lakes and watering holes on the Leobo estate, which are teeming with wildlife. One has a large herd of hippos you do not want to get too close to, and there is also a resident crocodile. He is not huge, but he likes impala meat. So the team at Leobo feeds him by attaching a large chunk of it to a long rope, and it’s then tossed into the lake. You wait until the crocodile bites it, and then you can have a little tug-of-war with him. He is surprisingly strong, and he feels as though he has earned his supper. You don’t want to slip while being on the other end of the rope, though!

Millionaire Holiday Home Swap, Leobo Private Reserve in Vaalwater, South Africa
Leobo Private Reserve in Vaalwater, South Africa

Having never been to Norway, I was particularly excited to visit. Kristiansand is a little over four hours south of Oslo, and I picked up our member’s Aston Martin halfway through the journey. The rest of the trip down the gorgeous Norwegian coastline was unforgettable, and the salubrious comfort of the car made it even more special. 

Millionaire Holiday Home Swap, Kampedalen Estate in Kristiansand, Norway
Kampedalen Estate in Kristiansand, Norway

Penhill Estate is one of the locations I wish we had more time at; More time to spend with the new owner/member, Elo, and more time to shoot the properties on site. Just two hours outside of Cape Town, the drive was magical, and the setting was breathtaking. I hope as many of our members as possible get the opportunity to go.

We took a press trip to Château De Vézins a few years ago, and as such, I was excited to return to see Gaelle and Marc again. They have been busy and have completely renovated and extended the kitchen, added a gym/studio, and started renovating the top floor. But, the plans for the screening room in the semi-circular space above the main entrance would be something special. I hope to get a third invite back to see that when it is done.

Giles Adams, Director of Strategy and Operations at THIRDHOME, outside Château De Vézins in Loire Valley, France
Giles Adams, Director of Strategy and Operations at ThirdHome, outside Château De Vézins in Loire Valley, France

Yvonne is Turin Castle, and Turin Castle is Yvonne. She is an incredibly warm force of nature and the definitive host, but the team behind the scenes makes this property so special. Very professional but equally comfortable with either serving tea in one of the many reception rooms or having a casual cup of coffee with you just perched on the stools in the kitchen. A special atmosphere. The split cellar with a signpost at the bottom of the stairs indicating either “Grain” or “Grape” was particularly memorable.

Owner Yvonne Corbett and butler Chris at Turin Castle in Forfar, Scotland

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