Fostering the Sharing Economy: 3RD HOME introduces you to Boxgroove.

March 9, 2016 • By Caitlin Adams


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As a member of 3RD HOME, you have already embraced the sharing economy through the use of our luxury vacation home exchange platform. We know many of you enjoy playing golf due to the significant amount of golf properties available to exchange through our club. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce you to Boxgroove, another participant in the growing collaborative consumption movement. Boxgroove gives golfers the experience of being a “member for a day” at more than 1100 Boxgroove clubs across The United States and Canada. In addition, premium members can request access to over 3000 private clubs they are affiliated with.

What makes Boxgroove a great opportunity for golfers? You will be able to book tee times at club locations for which you are not a member, much like you book stays in other vacation homes through your 3RD HOME membership. Boxgroove strives to deliver a superior experience for individual golfers. In addition to being able to solicit invitations from members of various private clubs, you can utilize your Boxgroove membership to directly book play at many other clubs in their network. You can make the arrangements using a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Since you participate in our luxury travel club and are constantly visiting new places, Boxgroove provides a great platform to experience more clubs, and even make new business contacts. Recently, Boxgroove has been adding private dining clubs, city clubs, and yacht clubs to their roster.

We are pleased to be able to raise awareness of other businesses in the sharing economy and thereby show our support.

To register or view more information about the club and their membership plans, visit


3RD HOME did not receive any compensation for this post and is not affiliated with Boxgroove.

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