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Sailing Around Fiji on a TradeWinds Yacht

December 15, 2017 • By Sorelle Amore


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What does it feel like spending an entire week in Fijian paradise on a TradeWinds yacht, sailing between islands, eating incredible food, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, reading, relaxing and taking a break from it all?

I would of course say it’s fantastic, but it’s much more than that.

To have an escape from life and concentrate on you for once, to relax and fully unwind from your life worries, is not just a great holiday, but somewhat of a necessity. And what better way to do it than by joining a TradeWinds yacht for a sail around Fiji. 


I was on a boat with two crew members and just five guests in total (the boat capacity is 10, however due to last minute cancelations, we all enjoyed a very intimate experience).

The week in Fiji truly took me by surprise. I’ve been gallivanting the world with basically no downtime. Up to this point, I’ve had one day in 3 months where I did nothing. Everyday I have been exploring and editing the content I was creating. It’s the kind of life we’re all used to – slightly chaotic.

When I got to Fiji, my body and mind didn’t know how to react to having a small handful of relaxing activities to do.

But I surely did a great job of not doing much.

My tan came along nicely, the cocktails went down easily, the laughs were plenty, the walks on the breathtaking Fijian islands such as the island from the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks connected me back to nature. The salt stayed in my hair throughout the week as I swam and dived my little heart out. 

Fiji itself is truly a little hidden gem. The people are incredibly nice, the islands are surrounded by the brightest blue warm waters I have ever seen, the coral is impressive and the weather is near perfect. 

During the week, we were lucky enough to visit a local village to enjoy a traditional Kava ceremony as well as listen to the beautiful singing of the Fijians. We also joined in on a little dance with the locals!

We had a chance to shop the village markets, where I got myself a beautiful necklace and others picked up huge Conch shells, hand woven bags and beautifully designed sarongs.  


One of the highlights from the week was getting our sails up, something I’ve never previously had the joys of experiencing. Having the wind push us through the open ocean provided me with an overwhelming sense of freedom.

Sitting in the bow seats with your legs overhanging and the wind on your face as you’re piercing through the waves resembles a small rollercoaster. You can’t help but feel like a kid again and be filled with happiness.

My only complaint of the whole week is that the experience wasn’t long enough.

The luxury boat became a great cocoon of comfort for the week and it was hard to part from it all. 

Who would I recommend Fiji to? 


Anyone that wants a true break from life. This is the perfect time to unwind, to have time for yourself and to recharge your batteries.
Anyone that loves the ocean, sailing, great food, cocktails, the sun, diving and snorkelling.  


This holiday will leave you ready to tackle the challenges and hustle of life for months to come.

-Sorelle Amore

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