Fees, Fees, and More Fees! What to Expect from Hotels in 2013

January 10, 2013 • By Steve


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If you thought airline fees were a nuisance, think again.

A recent USA TODAY article outlined the top five trends to watch out for in travel this year. It got me thinking about all those extra fees we now accept so openly when we fly—baggage fees, reservation changes, even the food.

Reports from that article indicate that airlines collected more than $900 million in baggage fees in the third quarter of 2012. They made another $600 million straight from fees to reservation changes.

Now, it is forecasted that hotels plan on following a similar pattern. We should expect hotels and other service industries like rental car companies and even cruise agencies to adopt “airline strategies” that will end up costing travelers more money. Plan ahead when you book your next vacation because some hotels have guests pay extra for re-stocking mini-bars, luggage storage, and room safes.  If you think about it this starts to add up.

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Steve Zacks, CMO, ThirdHome

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