Facebook Live Giveaway: Winners Announcement

February 22, 2017 • By Caitlin Adams


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Did you miss the THIRDHOME¬†Facebook Live broadcast last week on Valentine’s Day? Members were called, prizes were won and we had a commenting frenzy! Click here or on the image below to watch the entire event.

Facebook Live


Facebook Live Grand Prize winners:

Congratulations to John who won all of his Keys back for a trip that he had booked to the Four Seasons Anguilla! 

Congratulations to Toni B. who will receive a $1000 monetary credit!

Other Facebook Live winners include:

Congratulations to Christophe who won a monetary credit of $200.

Congratulations to Mike M., Brice J. and Susan H. who will all individually receive either 1 Key or a $200 monetary credit, whichever they choose.


Thank you to all of our members who participated! For a chance to win in the future, make sure to turn on your live notifications from THIRDHOME. For those without a Facebook page, we’ll be announcing any future opportunities in our email newsletter as well.

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