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Cabo San Lucas with ThirdHome: Guest Blogger Larry Grossman’s Trip

January 31, 2017 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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ThirdHome member, Larry G., recently visited Cabo San Lucas. Mexico is one of his favorite destinations to visit using his ThirdHome membership. Like all members of The Club, Larry is able to book luxury trips all over the world simply by trading in unused time at his second home.

Cabo San Lucas Casa Sandcastle

Larry’s trip to Cabo San Lucas: 

“Escaping grey, cold and dreary coastal Virginia for a trip to Cabo San Lucas in January was just what the doctor ordered.  The vacation really started on the airplane where it was apparent that all of us leaving the United States were in a pretty festive mood as we got closer and closer to Mexico. Even navigating the long, zig-zagging customs line everyone was in a good spirits because as we exited the plane, we had all seen the bright sunny weather and the beautiful Sierra de la Laguna mountains on the horizon.

Cabo San Lucas Casa Sandcastle

As this was my 25th trip with ThirdHome, I knew from previous experience that the website photos never do justice to the beauty and style of each residence.  That was certainly the case with Casa Sandcastle, which is as unique and artfully decorated as any ThirdHome I’d previously visited.  It was outfitted with dozens of “why would you leave me?” features.  If the infinity pool, hot tub, huge outside decks and game room weren’t enough, the movie room with the enormous screen and a hundred movies would clinch it.  To further entice us into never leaving, the house concierge Angelica had prepared margaritas, guacamole and chicken burritos with arguably the best homemade salsa in the country.

Cabo San Lucas Casa Sandcastle

Sea of Cortez Sunset

One of the truly unique features of the Casa Sandcastle was the ability to watch both the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez in the morning and the sunset over the mountains in the evening from the wraparound upstairs terrace.   An added bonus we discovered the first afternoon was the frequent site of whales spouting, swimming and playing as we watched from the house.  Our entire week the Humpback whales put on a show in front of the house at all hours of the day, leading us to schedule a boat ride to see them close up.  We weren’t disappointed as our captain steered us in close proximity to 6 whales during our 2 ½ hour boat ride.  The highlight was when two humpbacks swam right in front of the boat and dove in unison with their huge tails disappearing at the same moment.

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching

Cabo San Lucas Boat Tour

Extremely helpful to our group was the advice and assistance given to us by Angelica.  She arranged a private chef for dinner and guided us to excellent restaurants and stores within a short drive of the house.  Upon our request to get deeper into the Baja, she accompanied us to the small town of Miraflores, located 45 miles north of San Jose.  It was in Miraflores that we were treated to the one and only (according to our waiter) “tuna colada”.  In this case tuna was not a fish, but the red cactus fruit referred to as “prickly pear”.   The colada was pink, rich and absolutely delicious.  The perfect complement to the machaca (Mexican shredded beef) burritos that the town is known for.

San Jose del Cabo

Mexico Wall mural

Sandcastle is located just outside San Jose del Cabo, the Baja city referred to as the “little brother” or “charming sister” to Cabo San Lucas.   Over the course of the week we spent time in the more rowdy Cabo San Lucas but preferred the serenity and mellow vibe of San Jose del Cabo.  It was less touristy and featured art galleries, live music every night and a vibrant plaza that was perfect for people watching.  Mariachi musicians were always available for hire at a moment’s notice in the local restaurants.

Cabo San Lucas Mariachi

I’ve found the beauty of traveling in Mexico is more than the beaches, great weather and wonderful food.  It is also the lovely interactions with the Mexican locals and the Cabo cities did not disappoint.  At every turn our Mexican hosts were friendly, helpful, and proud of their city and its attractions.  For all of us Cabo is a “return to” destination, especially when coupled with an outstanding ThirdHome residence.”

Cabo San Lucas Casa Sandcastle

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