Bougainvillea House Villa

Bougainvillea House Villa in The Bahamas

October 18, 2017 • By Sorelle Amore


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Bougainvillea House Villa

Bouganvillea House Villa in Exuma, Bahamas. I almost wish I never met you.

There aren’t many places that have ever made me feel the way you make me feel. I have cried tears of joy so many times when looking out on your balcony at the ocean, stars, clouds and palm trees.

Ever since I found out The Bahamas existed and I could swim with pigs in the crystal-clear water, it was locked in as a major dream. And my week vacation did not disappoint.

Bougainvillea House Villa

Bougainvillea House Villa, a ThirdHome property, was without a doubt an essential part to my fairytale vacation. The villa is spacious with plenty of room to host large groups and is located a few steps away from the ocean.

Bougainvillea House Villa is a beautiful white and blue triple-story villa with a rooftop deck, which is a perfect location for breakfast. It’s a property known to most locals as one of the best in town.  Surrounded by tall palm trees and large shell decorations on the railing, the setting is picture-perfect.

The villa has all the necessities for entertainment. A hot tub, a BBQ, large kitchens, open living spaces and reclining chairs on the beach.

As I lay here in my hammock with a billion dollar view in front of me, I can’t even see the sand in-between me and the water. The ocean is so close it almost fools you to thinking the waves are crashing straight into the house.  

Bougainvillea House Villa is a family-friendly property but it can also be the ultimate romantic escape thanks to the beautiful honeymoon suite, which is the same room that Ronda Rousey, Penelope Cruz and a myriad of other well-known faces have stayed.

At sunrise and sunset I’ve been having the pleasure of testing out a new skill of stand up paddle boarding. A few simple and easy strokes out on the calm waters and I get to see the villa from a different perspective and pinch myself repeatedly not believing I’m here.

My outfit of choice for the week has been pretty consistent, with slight variations. My black bikini, my green bikini or my one-piece green swimsuit.

The local town, Georgetown, is a dream. The colors of all the houses are that of a rainbow. It is a small town, so you don’t require all that much time to explore and it’s probably important to note that going earlier in the morning or late afternoon is better because of the heat.  The temperature is constantly in the high 80’s F (30C) during the day, so it’s weather much more suited for reading a book in the hammock or swimming at the beach.

Even though most of my week was spent relaxing at the home, it is critical you do the Pigs Tour. This tour was actually the most densely packed and beautiful trip I’ve ever been on.

We saw iguanas and fed them lettuce, we saw the swimming pigs, we swam with some grey nurse shark, swam in a grotto that has been featured in a James Bond film, and felt like supermodels on the pristine white sandbanks that are no strangers to being on the covers of fashion magazines.

The speedboat zipped past islands occupied by some well known names, such as the holiday rental of David Copperfield (apparently Judge Judy is a big fan of this home and comes often), and Tim McGraw’s island (we actually saw him and his family eating breakfast on the veranda).

Another day, we took a local boat to Chat n Chill. It is essential you visit, not only for the best ribs you’ve ever had but also for the ability to photograph and swim with stingray (with caution of course!).

Will I return to The Bahamas?

Without a doubt.

I’m already planning ways on how to stay for at least 3 months on this tropical island.

-Sorelle Amore

During her trip to The Bahamas, Sorelle stayed at Bougainvillea House VillaClick here to view all ThirdHome properties in The Bahamas.

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