5 Unique Luxury Vacation Ideas

July 21, 2021 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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Tired of the same boring vacation year after year? Learn five unique luxury vacation ideas today. You’ll have to try them yourself!

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to plan the perfect vacation. However, it can be tough to come up with vacation ideas during covid that still get you that luxury experience. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a few amazing summer and weekend vacation ideas that you can try out this summer. Let’s dive into some unique, luxury vacation ideas!

1. Visit the Real-Life Atlantis

We’ve all heard stories of the famous city sunk beneath the sea that’s full of treasures and mermaids. While Atlantis might not be a real place, the island nation of Jamaica is home to something pretty close to it!

Years ago, the Jamaican town of Port Royal was a bustling trade hube. However, today this city is sunk under the sea! Take a vacation here and go scuba diving to visit this amazing vacation spot. 

2. Be a King or Queen for a Day

Have you always dreamed of being a prince or a princess? When you head to the United Kingdom, you can bring this dream to life!

The United Kingdom has a number of castles you can rent, whether it’s for a weekend stay or a longer period of time. Take your luxury vacation to the next level as you sleep in bed chambers that transport you back in time.

3. Take Backpacking to the Next Level

If you love backpacking adventures, we’ve got one of the best family vacation ideas yet. You can plan a luxury hiking trip along one of the seven wonders of the world in China – The Great Wall!  

When it comes to backpacking adventures, there are few places that beat The Great Wall of China. You can hike along this wall for days, experiencing all the beautiful sights, sounds, and flavors of China as you go.

4. Sleep Under the Northern Lights

There are many amazing cities that you can visit, but how about getting outdoors and viewing some of the incredible sights nature has to offer? You can do so by heading North to watch the Aurora Borealis

You can view the Northern Lights in many different locations. A few popular spots include Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Alaska. 

5. Take a Safari

If you love wildlife, there’s nothing like a trip to the Serengeti to give you a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. You can book your very own safari by renting a vacation home or participating in a house swap in Africa. 

Some locations even put you right next to the wildlife. If you leave your windows open you might be greeted by giraffes, monkeys, or parrots stopping in to steal your food!

Choose Your Favorite Vacation Ideas

With these amazing luxury vacation ideas, you’re ready to plan the perfect summer getaway. Whether you want vacation ideas for couples or something that you can bring the kids to, there’s a vacation idea for everyone. 

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