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13 Benefits of Doing a House Swap Vacation in Aspen, CO

February 15, 2023 • By Amy Jo Robertson


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Powdery white snow cascading down the mountain ranges of Colorado; greenery as far as the eye can see in the summer; history engraved into every street—this is what makes Aspen the ultimate destination for a house swap vacation.

This beautiful city is worth visiting regardless of the season. Although, they don’t call it the skiing hotspot for nothing. Come winter, Aspen transforms into a snow-filled wonderland, a ski lover’s paradise that lasts from November to April.

However, the city’s breathtaking beauty comes at a cost, and budget-conscious travelers may have to get a little creative to enjoy their time in the mountains of Colorado. But don’t let the price tag dampen your spirits. Consider a house swap vacation and revel in the breathtaking beauty of Aspen without breaking the bank.

Here are 13 benefits of doing a house swap vacation in Aspen.

1. Enjoy Aspen Like a Local

Nothing makes for a good vacation like trekking the path less traveled. If you are not looking to have the generic tourist experience, then consider doing a house exchange.

Once you walk through the doors of your “new home,” you will discover more about the town than a hotel would afford you. You will get to live like the locals. And even give it a try yourself.

The beauty of Aspen is that adventure awaits in every corner. You can walk down South Galena Street. There you will find yourself revisiting the wild west at Kemo Sabe.

Or, if you are a committed bookworm, you can stroll into Explore Booksellers for a Victoria bookshop experience.

You can also communicate with the homeowner to leave you a recommended list of places to check out. They can tailor the list to your preference from a local’s perspective.

Downtown Aspen Colorado during a house swap vacation

2. Save Money

Aspen is a celebrity magnet. It seems people the world over cannot resist its small-town charm. But with that also comes a hefty price tag for accommodation.

House swaps are the best way for those seeking budget-friendly vacations to enjoy their stay in Aspen. 

With a house swap, you can say goodbye to the high costs of booking a room in an upscale ski resort. You’ll enjoy that same room and other premium Aspen houses for a fraction of what it would cost to rent.

3. Enjoy Premium Amenities

A house swap means you are staying in someone else’s home, and most homes are equipped with traditional amenities like WiFi and TVs.

But ThirdHome homes take it a step further. Luxurious extras like saunas, infinity pools, massage rooms, state-of-the-art home theater systems, and fully-equipped gyms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the premium amenities you’ll experience.

house swap vacation home theater

4. Have a Say in Your Stay

With home exchanges, you have the unmatched opportunity of having a say in where you enjoy your vacation. ThirdHome allows its members to decide where and how they want to vacation, whether that’s from a private estate or a fully loaded yacht.

With ThirdHome exchange, your dream of a luxurious Aspen vacation can easily become a reality. Imagine yourself relaxing in a luxurious apartment and experiencing the beauty of Aspen like never before.

5. Enjoy Comfort and Luxury

There is a downside to traveling on a budget. And one that stands out to us is the compromise on luxury and comfort. For vacationers looking for budget-friendly vacations, luxury is something that they must overlook.

But this is not the case with our home exchange program. We put luxury at the forefront of vacationing. And with a minimum home valuation of $1,000,000, you can be sure that you’re getting upscale homes filled with all the five-star amenities you deserve.

6. Leverage Your Investment

If you own a vacation home or a second house that sits empty most of the year, then a house exchange might be the perfect thing for you.

With the privilege of a house exchange, you can turn unused time in your second home into a vacation in other homes across the globe. This way, you can leverage that investment into your vacation home.

house swap vacation home dining room

7. Build New Connections

Vacationing in Aspen, Colorado, wouldn’t be the same without feeling a sense of connection to the city. When you have a home in the heart of the city and are living like a local, you will find yourself as part of a community. Aspen’s warm and welcoming residents will make you feel right at home, even if it’s just for a brief stay.

8. Have a Vacation Home to Yourself

Hotel rooms, no matter how luxurious or charming, are limited in their offerings. A house exchange, on the other hand, provides you with a spacious and private abode for you and your traveling companions.

This offers a level of comfort and convenience that simply cannot be found with an Airbnb. While Airbnb properties may be occupied by multiple families, a home exchange allows you to truly make a house your home away from home, with no shared spaces or scheduling conflicts to worry about.

Enjoy the exclusivity of having a fully equipped home at your disposal, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and all the amenities you need for a truly memorable vacation experience.

9. Eating Out like a Connoisseur

Aspen is renowned for its incredible dining scene, with a wealth of delicious restaurants to explore. To fully immerse yourself in the local cuisine, it may take multiple visits to try them all. But with a home exchange, you’ll have a trusted insider to guide you to the city’s hidden gems.

Your exchange partner can provide you with a personalized list of the best restaurants not to miss, perhaps even some that meet specific tastes and dietary needs.

Of course, no trip to Aspen would be complete without a visit to the highly acclaimed Bosq restaurant. With its stunning outdoor dining options, this fine dining establishment is a must-visit for anyone vacationing in the area.

10. Enjoy the X Games

Aspen Colorado is for the serial adventure lover. What you have is nature in your backyard and four mountains as your playground.

You can trek the expert trails of Aspen Highlands or enjoy spectacular views of Maroon Bells.

If you are one for winter action sports, you can also add the X Games to your itinerary. This event, which takes place on Buttermilk, is the center stage for extreme athletes.

Armed with your swap partner’s adventure guide, you will experience the mountains and games like you never have before. And if you are a skier, your house swap mate can give you pointers on the best place to get skiing gear.

winter sports

11. Be Immersed in Culture

Most tourists want to know the history and culture of the place they are visiting. There is something you can learn from the local museums. But nothing will show you the culture of a place more than the locals.

In the cocoon of your hotel, it may not be easy to know which places to go to interact with the true natives of Aspen.

However, when you are enjoying your Colorado vacation as a local, you will be surrounded by people who can help you see the reality of Aspen in a new light. This will also give you the unprecedented chance to also be part of a community.

12. Unplug

Aspen is known for its unforgettable mountains and is an adventure enthusiast’s dream, but there is more to the delightful town than skiing and mountain biking. For those who simply want to unplug, relax, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon, wander through the Aspen Art Museum or marvel over the 3,000 species of high-altitude plants at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.

13. Set Up Your Own Itinerary

There is nothing like visiting Aspen on your own terms. Be it visiting in the winter with the sole intent of conquering the snow, or you want a good spring hike.

But what makes for a memorable vacation is the ability to set up your own itinerary. Instead of being forced into preplanned timetables, with a house swap, you can visit all the best attractions on your own time.

You can choose to visit the Hunter Creek Trail Head in the morning to avoid the hiking rush.

House Swap FAQs

If you are considering a house swap, you might naturally have some questions. It’s completely understandable as you will be spending time in someone else’s home. We’re here to help!

Is a House Exchange Safe?

The short answer is yes if you work with a trusted brand that vets its homeowners.

Is a Home Swap Vacation Worth it?

We would say most definitely! Doing a home swap for your vacation allows you to enjoy Aspen on a more unique and intimate level.

Will My House be Protected?

Yes! Your home is your investment and legacy. And we understand that it is important to protect it. That is why we offer a $5 million Host guarantee.

How Much Does it Cost?

Standard Exchanges fees for a home swap range from $495 to $1,395 USD per stay, which is a 90-95% savings compared to traditional rental rates.

Enjoy Aspen Your Way

Doing a home swap is the perfect way to enjoy Aspen without the heavy cost often associated with traveling to such a desirable city.

But there’s more to it than just saving money. You experience a one-of-a-kind vacation perfectly tailored to your liking.

Contact us to begin your travels.

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