Philip Jalufka

Philip Jalufka is a veteran of the U.S. Army’s special operations, West Point graduate, author, and business leader. From a car accident that nearly ended his life to a series of difficult challenges, he has learned to stay true to a vision and become an inspiring leader. Philip lives by the idea that “at the forefront of all we do, the greatest gift we have is the ability to serve and/or give back!”

Prior to his military service, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the United States Military Academy at West Point. While serving in the U. S. Army, Philip earned an MBA from Embry Riddle University.

He currently serves as CEO of Legacy International, a company he founded and cultivated to worldwide success. Legacy International is a residential and resort sales and marketing firm that specializes in executing sales platforms and processes for homebuilders and developers of master-planned communities.

In July 2018, Philip organized Legacy Performance Capital (LPC), an asset management firm that now resources 4-5 micro-market real estate ventures per year. In September 2020, Philip launched Legacy International’s Builder Developer Services Expansion Initiative with the world’s top real estate firm, Keller Williams (KWRI).

Philip is the author of “LEADING WITH YOUR LIFE EQUATION: How to Be Indestructible Indispensable & Unstoppable” which reflects a life’s worth of lessons from personal, academic, military, and business experiences. Through it all, Philip developed a “Life Equation” that combines the elements of his success and experience with a variety of teams. He pulled together his story—along with those of many others—to provide readers of all ages and at any stage of their lives with a formula to guide their lives in the direction they want.

As a veteran of military service, Philip is a proud supporter of Heroes For Freedom, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and first responders. Since 2008, Philip and the Legacy Organizations he leads have been raising money in a variety of ways. A percentage of every dollar made from sales at all the engaged residential communities is contributed to the foundation in order to resource various Warrior events and personal needs throughout the year.

For nearly 30 years, Philip has been joined, supported, and sometimes challenged in his life pursuits by his wife, Chris. Together, they share two daughters.

Philip is a founding investor and member of THIRDHOME since 2015, with 7 trips under his belt.

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