Dave Doran

Vice President, Strategy & Technology

The Vice President of Strategy & Technology, Dave Doran, joined THIRDHOME in December 2023. In his role, Dave is responsible for managing the company’s CRM and working with the team on key strategic initiatives.

Before coming to THIRDHOME, Dave worked as the Director of Strategy at Oneupweb, a full-service digital marketing agency, where he oversaw the marketing and sales team, managed HubSpot, and led key strategic efforts.

Trained in SEO, he also spent several years at Reputation and, before that, taught writing and literature at Colorado State University. He has a BFA from Emerson College and an MFA from Colorado State.

In his free time, Dave enjoys watching his kids’ sports games, golfing, skiing, hiking, and spending time with his family. He lives in Traverse City, MI, with his wife, three sons, and two huskies.

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