Brooke Pfautz

Brooke Pfautz is one of the industry’s foremost experts in growing short-term vacation rental inventory. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, including his latest work, “Vacation Rental Secrets: The Short-Term Rental Industry’s Top Experts Disclose Their Biggest Mistakes and Share Their Hard-Earned Wisdom.” In addition, he literally wrote the book on inventory growth, “From 0 to 500 Properties in 5 Years: A Playbook on How to Grow Your Short-Term Vacation Rental Inventory,” which was a three-category Amazon bestseller.

Brooke got his start in the industry in 2007 when he founded Vantage Resort Realty in Ocean City, MD, and took an idea on a napkin to more than 500 properties in just five years. After a successful exit, he went on to grow inventory for other major vacation rental brands as Chief Business Development Officer in multiple destinations. Today, Brooke leads Vintory, the first and only Sales and Marketing Platform designed exclusively for Short-Term Vacation Rental Managers to grow their inventory. And, to date, Brooke and his team of over 50 growth experts have helped more than 700 companies grow their inventory and increase their bottom line.

In addition, Brooke recently launched Comparent, a pioneering venture in the vacation rental industry. Comparent is the world’s first and only marketplace designed to bridge the gap between vacation rental homeowners and professional managers. At its inception, Comparent listed over 5,000 companies, making it the largest marketplace globally for facilitating these connections.

Brooke has actively participated in the Club since 2016 with 43 trips under his belt.

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