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Zach Gates

Client Growth

Senior Director


Zach Gates talks to prospective members and partners on the great benefits that a THIRDHOME membership can bring. He also assists in helping new members apply to the club and guides them through the approval process, so they can start traveling. Zach is originally from the Dallas area and he attended Texas A&M for undergraduate and graduate school. If you have ever worked with Zach, you have definitely heard him mention the word, “Aggie.” He worked in commercial real estate for several years in Dallas before moving to Vail, Colorado where he worked in travel and hospitality for six years. Zach moved to Nashville in 2012 and continued his career in travel and hospitality.  He and his wife have been married for a year now and are proud parents to their puppy, Billy Gates. When Zach isn’t talking about SEC sports, he loves hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, and paddle boarding with his wife. Zach’s favorite hobby (and downright obsession to be more accurate) is definitely snowboarding, especially in the backcountry.  He has visited Guatemala, Mexico, England, Scotland, Wales, Bahamas, Barbados, Indonesia and Japan, and will be heading to Italy and France this summer.

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