Debbi Fields

Debbi Fields embodies the American Dream, rising from humble beginnings to establish one of the nation’s foremost dessert empires. Her name is synonymous with quality, a rare achievement in entrepreneurship.

With over 45 years of experience, Fields founded Mrs. Fields Cookies in 1977, transforming it into a $450 million company, setting a benchmark for fresh-baked cookies worldwide. Starting with a dream, a recipe, and no business background, she convinced a bank to fund an unproven concept—an endeavor most saw as improbable.

Opening Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chippery in 1977 marked the beginning. Over two decades, she expanded from managing one store to overseeing 600+ company-owned and franchise stores across the US and abroad. Her company ventured into chocolates and ice cream, driven by her passion for excellence, encapsulated in the motto “Good Enough Never Is.”

Fields embraced technology early on, implementing cutting-edge computer systems in 1989, earning acclaim from Harvard Business School. She’s an accomplished author with books like “One Smart Cookie” and “Mrs. Fields Cookie Book,” and has hosted national TV shows.

Beyond business, Fields is a motivational speaker and a force for charity, supporting causes close to her heart. Her diverse interests span travel, sports, hiking (even conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro), and cooking.

With a stellar legacy and ongoing projects, Debbi Fields epitomizes entrepreneurial success, innovation, and a dedication to excellence in both business and personal endeavors. Debbi is a Founding Member and investor in ThirdHome.

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