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David Schultz THIRDHOME

David Shults

Affiliate Membership Director

David, a native of Music City Nashville, has always had a knack for finding himself in interesting places. After a summer abroad in Weisbaden, Germany, David returned to Nashville for college, but was soon swept away by a project management position with an events rentals company. Working events for brands such as Armani, Versace, Coach and Chanel gave David an appreciation for products and services in the luxury space. After returning to Nashville, David joined THIRDHOME’s Affiliate Growth Team to share his appreciation for world-travel and luxury experiences.As an Affiliate Growth Manager, David makes sure that THIRDHOME members, who join through affiliate partners, fully understand their Club benefits and are well-equipped to leverage their property and membership for luxury vacations worldwide. David’s favorite destinations for personal travel include Greece, Germany, England, France, Holland, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. David’s personal interests include listening to music, watching movies, hiking and spending time with friends and family.

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