Dan Cranney

Vice President of Growth

Dan Cranney introduces the concept of THIRDHOME to potential members. He loves meeting people from all over the world and learning about their unique properties. He enjoys mountain biking through the Ozark mountains of NW Arkansas where he lives. When he is not cheering on one of his 5 kids in various activities, he enjoys the great outdoors and spending time with his 140 lbs. Anatolian Shepard;) Dan helped develop a remote Caribbean Island resort and marina from scratch and has consulted on exotic resort developments and hospitality concepts around the world. He understands the hospitality and 2nd home real estate industries well. Dan as traveled and explored more than 30 countries. Favorite travel memories always include getting lost just enough to discover the local food, people and history that make that place unique. He is passionate about how THIRDHOME inspires people to create more memories with those they love and encourages freedom to experience the world.


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