Courtney Templeton

Affiliate Membership Director

While she grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee, Courtney Templeton relocated to Jupiter, Florida for three years with her parents after her dad finished a tour in Pakistan as a Diplomat. Realizing she wanted to explore somewhere new, Courtney put down roots in Nashville, Tennessee, where she’s had a blast building her career.

Courtney sharpened her Customer Relationship Management skills by cultivating an expertise in Sales, Social Media, and Marketing, earning her recognition as one of the top-three individuals for overall Customer Service and Sales out of more than 25 properties in CA Venture’s three-billion-dollar portfolio. After establishing a core skillset and network, she now leverages her empathetic and personalized skillset at THIRDHOME to make your travel dreams come true!

It was in Cabo San Lucas that Courtney fell in love with international travel. You most often will find her enjoying what life offers with friends and family, all while traveling, working out, and being outdoors.

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