Charo van Hulst

Manager, Partnership Engagement, International

Blessed with Asian roots, a Spanish name, and Dutch roots and work ethics, Charo feels that she’s a true Citizen of the World. Her parents were both born in Indonesia (her mother in Java and her father in Borneo) and immigrated to the Netherlands during wartime. Charo’s dream was to live and work in a sunny place, preferably somewhere in the South of Europe. At age 26, she followed her dream and drove alone to Andalucia, Málaga with no job prospects, no home, and no ability to speak Spanish. There, she started a new life from scratch.

Charo has mainly worked in hospitality, tourism, real estate, and property management. She spent almost eight years as Event and Office Manager at ABN AMRO Private Banking International, and most recently as a fundraiser for The Butterfly Children Charity, where she still serves as an ambassador in her spare time.

Charo’s world travels have included visits to China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Bali, Lombok, and Hawaii, as well as city trips to Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York. Traveling makes her happy! She is also a feeder and a foodie who loves to bake, cook, and feed her tribe.

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