Share Your Membership

Introducing the Extended Membership program, a trustworthy and safe way to share travel with your extended family and trusted friends. 

Extended Membership Overview

$995 per shared membership

(for 12 months)

  • Access to trips that take place within 60 days.
  • Account Set-Up and Onboarding
  • Background check 
  • Guest/Host Protection
  • Dedicated Member Experience Associate
  • Access to reserve trips for the next 12-months 
  • Keys your Member Sponsor may gift or transfer

Interested in extending your Membership? Share this page with trusted friends and family via the options below

Please note: This is a limited offering


Enrollment process

Property-owning members can extend their membership privileges. Close family and trusted friends will apply, pay the administrative fee, and await activation.


Vetting and onboarding

Extended members are vetted and the onboarding offers a clear understanding of the Club’s rules and expectations.


Activate and Book Stays

Once activated, access is granted to the Keyless inventory so they can book stays that take place 60 days from the travel date. Plus any Keys their sponsor Member may choose to share.


Send this page to your family members so they can learn about the membership opportunity. Then they will fill out the form, pay the fee, complete the onboarding, and then they are all set to travel.

Members in good standing and current on dues and deposit requirements may share their membership with extended family and trusted friends.

No. The Extended Member cannot further share their membership. They may bring family and friends, but they must always be present on the trip.

At any given time, there are hundreds of trips worldwide that can be booked that fall within the “Keyless” parameters.

THIRDHOME reserves the right to suspend this program at any time.

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