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THIRDHOME is the luxury property and travel club that can help you gain the competitive edge while helping your clients leverage their second home investment.

THIRDHOME Exchange is a community of like-minded members who trade time in their home for stays in spectacular destinations around the world without the expense of renting.

Why Partner with THIRDHOME:

  • Differentiate your brand from competitors: offer a complimentary THIRDHOME membership to your clients.
  • Gain new listings: Overcome objections from new clients interested in purchasing a vacation home but are afraid to committing to traveling to the same home year after year for their vacations.
  • Solidify existing and previous customer relationships: Offer current and past clients a cost-effective way to travel the world simply by using their second home.

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Over 10,000 people have trusted us with their luxury homes

THIRDHOME is the luxury property and travel club that enables its members to explore the world through a variety of travel experiences. It was created 10 years ago to allow owners of luxury second homes to exchange time in their home for stays in other members’ homes. The success of The Club is rooted in its highly selective membership comprised of trusted, like-minded individuals. People who are passionate about creating and sharing life-changing travel experiences with family, friends and their THIRDHOME community. With an average value of $2.3 million in over 1,700 desirable destinations around the globe, exchange members are confident they can always expect the exceptional. As of today, they enjoy access to over 10,000 luxury accommodations…and counting.

I just booked my 32nd trip!

Because of THIRDHOME and the money we have saved, we splurge on adventure activities such as taking a helicopter to the top of a glacier and hiking the glacier tunnel, hiking the mountains of Malibu, swimming with sharks in Turks and Caicos, sliding down a mile long slide in Costa Rica, and even sent 2 family members on their honeymoons!

THIRDHOME Member Since 2011, MJ

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