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A Lifetime of Luxury Travel Exclusively For You: Get ready to explore the world with THIRDHOME,  the global leader in private home exchange. Enjoy luxury, service, and access to over 14,000 properties in 100 countries. Simply and safely exchange time in your vacation residence for stays in other members’ homes and resorts worldwide. 

In addition to creating remarkable travel memories, you can expect to save thousands on every trip. Guaranteed. 

Learn more about the value and cost savings.

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Discover this members-only home-sharing community passionate for luxury destinations and experiences.

This exclusive offer compliments of THIRDHOME

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Your Travel Bonus- A $10,000 Value

  • The $2,500 initiation fee has been covered. 
  • Up to $7,500 in bonus travel credits for immediate use upon membership activation.
  • Choose from stays in luxury homes, villas, estates, five-star resorts, and yachts. 

Who’s talking about THIRDHOME

Home value $500K-$50M Portfolio Value $27B
90-95% Savings Compared to Rental Costs
$5M Host protection Coverage

What can you expect from the THIRDHOME experience

Our travels have taken us from Costa Rica to Malibu, Turks and Caicos to Iceland, allowing us to invite friends and family in on the fun. Members share a similar mindset and appreciation for luxury travel. You’ll have insider access to all the local best-kept secrets. It’s only natural if you own a second home, you’d want to be a member of this outstanding club.

Mary Jo J.

Member since 2011 | 41+ trips taken | $200,000+ in savings

6 Reasons to Join THIRDHOME

Home exchange cuts down on your accommodation costs.

When traveling with THIRDHOME, you’ll never pay nightly rental fees for posh accommodations, but instead a nominal exchange fee. For example, a luxury vacation rental home in Florida can cost around $10,000 or more per week during peak season. With THIRDHOME, you could exchange time at your second home for a week in Florida and pay an average fee of $650 for the week.

The live-like-a-local vacation experience

Staying in another person’s home allows you the opportunity to explore the destination around you as a local. The owner can provide you with restaurant or activity recommendations and help you discover local gems typically not frequented by tourists. The private club experience also lends itself to members treating their THIRDHOME guests like their own personal friends, further enhancing the experience.

Variety: You also have access to luxury resorts, villas, and yachts.

THIRDHOME has partnerships with 100+ premier resorts worldwide, which allows their owners to join and trade time. In addition, some members own villas, estates, private islands, and yachts.

Helps address buyer’s remorse.

After several years of owning a second home, many buyers begin to question if they made a good investment. They are often ready to vacation somewhere besides their second home. Being part of a home exchange allows you to parlay that single vacation home into countless others.

Vacation Home Exchange: How Does It Work?
Vacation Home Exchange: How Does It Work?

Luxury-only homes to enjoy.

As a members-only club, homes, and members are vetted. The minimum home value is $500,000, with the average at $2.4 million. In addition, there are quality standards in place when second home owners apply for membership.

THIRDHOME Trusted Traveler Lifestyle

Quality and Trust.

Our community treats the homes they visit as they would their own. A robust review process keeps members accountable, along with a mutual experience rating between guests and hosts.

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