Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

THIRDHOME Rentals is a platform that features luxury-only, handpicked vacation rentals. Visitors enjoy the same elevated standards and appeal synonymous with THIRDHOME: the finest amenities, premier locations, and quality appointments. This community of like-minded travelers encompasses Guests who seek the best and treat the homes they rent as they would their own. In turn, our Hosts provide exceptional accommodations in unbelievable homes. The listings are ever-changing and always trustworthy, so visitors are guaranteed to list or book with confidence and without compromise.

 Both THIRDHOME members and non-members may rent homes on the Rentals website.

Many of the properties available on the Rentals platform belong to members with luxury second homes in the Exchange Club. Other rental properties listed that belong to partners are mainly standalone villas and some luxury resorts.

The THIRDHOME Rentals program is much like the Exchange Club in terms of the quality and caliber of homes and resort properties available. All homes must meet our community’s standards: ideal location and well-appointed, with a minimum home value of $500,000. Whether through Exchange or Rental properties, we guarantee travelers top-of-the-line experiences by listing the best of the best stays.

Yes, your login credentials for THIRDHOME Exchange can be used for THIRDHOME Rentals. To log into your THIRDHOME account, simply visit For trouble logging in, please contact the Member Experience Team by emailing

You will pay directly on the THIRDHOME Rentals platform site:

If a trip has a start date within 90 days, the total payment will be due at the time of booking. If the trip’s start date is more than 90 days out, 50% of the total payment will be charged at the time of booking, and the remaining 50% will be charged 90 days before the check-in date.

THIRDHOME Exchange members have the chance to use Keys for up to 10% off their rental booking. After you log in to your account, navigate to the THIRDHOME Rentals platform site, and select your desired property and dates. Once you select the travel dates, you will find a total quote for the stay, including the number of Keys you may use and the amount of money saved by using those Keys. There is up to a 10% savings, which will be deducted at the time of payment. Keys will be deducted from the user’s account at the time of booking. 

After a Guest completes their booking, they will get a notification confirming that the reservation has been received. Hosts will have 48 hours to review the reservation. Once the stay has been approved by the Host, a second confirmation notification will be sent to the Guest indicating that the reservation has been approved, and the Host will receive the Guest’s details to stay in contact. It’s imperative not to make any travel arrangements, especially those that may be non-refundable, until you have contacted the Host and verified that the stay is yours.

Bookings are accepted as per the cancellation policies. There are different types of cancellation policies that will vary depending on the property: Free, moderate, strict, and super strict.

Keys will follow cancellation terms; If the booking is canceled within the grace period, Keys will be refunded to the member’s account. If the booking is canceled after that, Keys will not be refunded.

Please note that cancellation terms are not listed on the Rentals Terms and Conditions. The cancellation policy appears on the property page under “Stay Details” within the “Property Details” section on the right-hand side.

The modification of a booking depends on the type of modification that wants to be done. In any case, the Host must agree with the changes before proceeding.

Some properties include a refundable damage deposit to be paid by the Guest. This deposit will vary on the type of property and the owner of the property. Additionally, all properties listed on THIRDHOME Rentals will be covered by our award-winning risk-management partner, SUPERHOG. In the rare event a THIRDHOME Guest causes damage during a stay and doesn’t reimburse the Host, SUPERHOG provides protection from $500 up to $5M

*Terms & conditions apply (Please visit You must comply with all of SUPERHOG’s requirements and conditions in order to be eligible to receive any payments for covered losses.

SUPERHOG protects up to $5M in damage for any cause (accidental, deliberate, or malicious). Protection also includes public liability in case Guests have an accident or suffer an injury on a Host’s property.

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