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The Top 3 Family Bonding Trips to Experience

June 28, 2017 • By THIRDHOME


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3 curated trips bound to bring you together as a family

Baby doves typically leave their nest after eleven days and become flighted after four more days. That means that with an average lifespan of two years in the wild, baby doves spend around 2% of their existence with their family. By contrast, humans spend over six thousand days with their family before they are “flighted”– nearly 23% of their life is spent in the nurture of their parents. We have so much more time with family than the ill-fated dove, but why does it seem so short? In the flash of an eye, family life can simply become family memories and those memories are painted by those shared family experiences. ThirdHome has curated three experiences across three continents for you to share with your family. They’re bound to leave a lifelong impression.

1. Alaska: The Last Frontier

family alaska

Explore Alaska: Beyond your Dreams, Within Your Reach

Set up base camp at the beautiful mountaintop Alyeska Resort for a week’s worth of wilderness adventures. Take a relaxing float trip down the Portage River to observe hanging glaciers, moose, bison and elk. The day after, cruise the Kenai Fjords National Park to catch a glimpse of the majestic humpback whales, orcas and sea lions. Climb aboard the Alaska Railroad GoldStar Dome train to get a panoramic view of the unspoiled countryside. You can also journey by float plane to the Redoubt Bay Bear Sanctuary and witness the free roaming Brown and Black bears while relaxing at a rustic frontier lodge. Catch wild salmon, kayak through Byers Lake, hike over glaciers and visit Alaska’s Iditarod champion Huskies. There are so many ways to experience the great frontier with your family with this fully customizable package.

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2. Costa Rica: Rainforest & Beach Adventure

Costa Rica family

Costa Rica: Pure Life

Dive into the tropical lowlands of Costa Rica’s Carribean coast. Journey up the Tortuguero Canal on your way to your selected lodge to encounter monkeys, tree sloths and the brightly colored birds of the region. The return trip to Arenal features a sunset view of Costa Rica’s most famous active volcano. Venture into the forest canopy on an Eco-Glide tour to take in the forest at all its magnificent angles. Spend the rest of your travels relaxing in a Guanacaste beach resort of your choosing. Walk the beach with your family, kayak along the luscious coast or set out on a horseback excursion. The choices are limitless and fully catered towards your family’s preferences.

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3. Ireland: Lucky Irish Charms

Ireland family

Ireland: A Breath of Fresh Air

Discover the 9th-Century wonder of Dublin and other historical charms on this family-centric trip. Tour Dublin’s medieval heritage by land and water aboard a WWII-era amphibious DUCK vehicle. Travel first class by train towards the southern tip of the Emerald Isle where your family can explore the legendary Blarney Castle, followed by a stay at the stunning Castlemartyr Resort. Take in a limerick or two alongside a private barbecue prepared specially for your family at Caslemartyr. The following day head to Kinsale Pottery and Art Centre to learn how to make colorful ceramic pottery or Celtic jewelry with local artisans. At Ballymaloe Cookery School you can have a firsthand culinary experience with expert chefs, and show off your new found tricks with the family. After leaving Caslemartyr Resort you’ll reside at Dromoland Castle where you will receive the royal treatment. On your final day, bike along the Cliffs of Moher to watch The Atlantic’s waves crash against the rugged Irish coast. Your experience will be an unforgettable one.

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