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ThirdHome Update: New Brand Colors

July 25, 2018 • By THIRDHOME


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With the addition of ThirdHome Rentals and Adventures, the ThirdHome brand has been updated to reflect our evolution as a travel brand.

Logo Evolution since 2009

thirdhome logo history

Since 2009, the definition of “ThirdHome Luxury Property & Travel Club” revolved around home exchanges and basic travel concierge services. In 2018, ThirdHome evolved into a Luxury Property & Travel Club that offers Exchange, Rentals and Adventures.

ThirdHome Exchange invites second home owners to join an exclusive community of like-minded members to trade time in their home for stays in spectacular destinations. ThirdHome Rentals empowers owners to list their home with confidence and allows travelers to book without compromise. ThirdHome Adventures elevates travel experiences with uniquely crafted journeys around the globe.

To communicate the differences between our offerings, the ThirdHome logo has been color coordinated to match specific services.

ThirdHome Master Brand: Platinum

Anything having to do with the overarching ThirdHome brand will include a touch of platinum. Platinum is a color associated with prestige, wealth, sophistication and modernity. It evokes the shiny chrome of a technologically advanced future while also calling back to traditional elegance. As the color of the master brand, platinum is meant to illuminate the way ahead as we continue to disrupt and innovate the travel space.

thirdhome logo

thirdhome platinum brand color

ThirdHome Exchange: Blue

The color of the sky and seas, considered strong and stable, blue embodies the trust and stability ThirdHome Exchange Club members expect. Exchanging your second home online requires a great deal of trust, from the Exchange and the accompanying members. Blue represents the health and vitality of our Exchange club membership while also reminding members of ThirdHome Exchange’s integrity as an intermediary for cherished and privately-owned properties.

thirdhome exchange logo

Exchange blue

ThirdHome Rentals: Gold

Gold is a charismatic color showing wealth, extravagance and prestige, while also illuminating the colors around it. That’s how we see ThirdHome Rentals, a spotlight illuminating luxurious properties for other members to enjoy. Gold also reflects the quality of said properties, each one as eye-catching and brilliant as the last.

thirdhome rentals logo

Rentals gold

ThirdHome Adventures: Orange

No other color could capture the vitality and enthusiasm of Adventures quite like orange. A color of energy and happiness, orange reflects the extroversion and excitement that the ThirdHome Adventures brand offers with its trips and tours. ThirdHome Adventures include small group and custom tours that are meant to change perspectives and open hearts. The refreshing glow of orange invites open-minds to gather around the ember of ThirdHome Adventures.

thirdhome adventures logo

thirdhome Adventures orange

These logo and ThirdHome brand updates were made to more accurately reflect our mission to disrupt the luxury travel industry and become the premier private travel club in the world. By building a uniquely curated collection of luxury Exchange, Rentals and Adventures, ThirdHome will inspire members at all levels to explore the world like never before -in style, with confidence, comfort and camaraderie.

New logos and colors may seem like small details in the grand scheme of The Club, but it’s an important step towards defining the special relationship between Club and Member.

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