Ever considered life at sea? Something more than the typical week-long, crowded, commercial cruise experience? That’s the ethos of an exciting new partner we recently added to the THIRDHOME family. Storylines is a luxury cruise ship, but this vessel is far from any standard cruise line. Instead, think more along the lines of a luxury ocean-going condominium complex, where a Storylines resident/owner can choose to be at sea 12 months of the year.  

The ship will be delivered sometime in the second half of 2024 and consist of 547 individually-owned cabins, with Residences ranging in price and size from the efficient studio apartment priced at $367,000 USD, up to the Global Suite, featuring 2,200 spacious square-feet of living space on two floors offered at $8m USD.  

Once Storylines inventory is available on the Exchange, residence owners will be offering month-long stays aboard the ship as it navigates the globe. If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it is that it’s possible to manage business from anywhere. This includes four weeks aboard the most well-appointed ship of its kind anywhere in the world.  

Before stays become available, click here to set a saved search for Storylines availability to secure a reservation aboard this one-of-a-kind ship!  

Members interested in long-term lease or purchase plans are encouraged to inquire here. 

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