Want to see the inside of a castle in Scotland? In the above video, Sorelle Amore, winner of the Best Job On The Planet, will take you on a tour of this THIRDHOME property. 

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The Best Job On The Planet winner, Sorelle Amore, talks about her recent stay in Scotland. Read all about why you should visit Scotland.

If you’re planning a visit to Scotland, expect to be pleasantly surprised at every step.

You’ll be exploring never-ending luscious green hills, breathing in the fresh Scottish air, uncovering the medieval mysteries through stumbling on countless grand castles, enjoying crisp cold beers in the cozy Scottish pubs, shopping for elegant high quality goods in the endless boutique stores across Scotland, indulging in the exquisite local foods and meeting some of the nicest people you have ever crossed paths with.

Welcome to Scotland.

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In addition to the mainland, the country is made up of more than 790 islands with more history and beauty than your mind can fathom. It’s a land that must make it on to your bucket list.

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My friend and I agreed that a visit to Scotland is currently somehow not a priority on travel lists. This is good in a way that the country isn’t crowded and you can explore in peace, however this secret gem cannot be hidden for much longer.

It’s a culture with the perfect mix of sophistication and breath-taking nature.

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One moment you could be mountain biking at Glentress in the thick Scottish woods, and in the evening, you’d be enjoying mouth-watering lemon sole meunière at the award-winning Ondine Seafood restaurant in Edinburgh.

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You could find yourself clay pigeon shooting at Bisley’s Shooting Club at Braidwood who provide exceptional instructors for us beginners, or fly fishing in the local loch and catching beautiful trout. A few hours later you could be strolling through Traquair House, the oldest inhabited house in all of Scotland.

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The capital of Edinburgh is a real surprise of a town and a treat to explore.

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Known by many as the birth place of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter book series, you’ll see the old cobble stone streets filled with familiar memorabilia from the books.

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Otherwise, be prepared to encounter endless street performers who are playing the traditional Scottish bag pipes right outside of the local castles or Gothic churches. Or, walk around and browse the street market stalls filled with local goods.

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For being a capital of a country, Edinburgh really isn’t all that large. Everything you need to see is within strolling distance, which can be spaced out between your stops at the cute local cafes or traditional Scottish pubs. The atmosphere of this city is what really impressed me. I’m generally used to a wild hustle and bustle in most capital cities, but here, I couldn’t quite comprehend all the smiling faces I was coming across. Every person I spoke to was extremely welcoming and kind. They were always available for a chat.

Visit Scotland
We were also lucky to visit Scotland during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is the world’s largest arts festival. In 2016 it spanned 25 days and featured 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues.

We stopped in random venues for a couple of free comedy shows and laughed as the performers entertained us for hours.

My visit to Scotland really did leave a lasting impression on me.

It’s a place I see myself returning to over and over.

-Sorelle Amore


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Sorelle Amore won THIRDHOME‘s “Best Job On The Planet,” which garnered more than 17,000 applications from around the world. In her position as a Luxury Travel Connoisseur for THIRDHOME, she is traveling the world, staying in 12 luxury homes.

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