Rental’s portfolio has now more than 1,200 high-end properties available in 19 different countries. New destinations added are France, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Caribbean Netherlands and Dominican Republic. 

Don’t miss out the opportunity to book one of the stunning properties available in Greecefor instance. Greece has become one of the most demanded destinations during summer holidays. You will enjoy the most beautiful sunset in any of the Greek Islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros or Crete among many others.

THIRDHOME rentals features more than 500 high-ends properties in Greece. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with family, or with friends to a charmingly natural and authentic island – or to the bustling heart of a destination packed with relics of the past – their villas boast different styles (and sizes!) to suit any requirement and any holiday preference. Whether a traditional house, a historic estate, or a luxury residence, all accommodations have something special to offer – a soul, a family history, an authentic location, and the taste of their owners.

THIRDHOME Rentals is pleased to announce our new partnership with My Greek Villa!

My Greek Villa has something for even the most demanding customer. They have hand-picked 2000 exceptional villas in the mainland and all over the islands of Greece, to make sure you get the best holiday experience. My Greek Villa has focused its efforts on finding luxury properties and charming houses – most of which with pools or by the sea, always combining quality and wellbeing.

Whether you are traveling as a couple, with family, or with friends to a charmingly natural and authentic island .or to the bustling heart of a destination packed with relics of the past, their villas boast different styles (and sizes!) to suit any requirement and any holiday preference. Whether a traditional house, a historic estate, or a luxury residence, they all have something special to offer – a soul, a family history, an authentic location, and the taste of their owners.

Learn more about My Greek Villa here. Looking to reserve a luxury rental home now? Browse available THIRDHOME Rentals here.


William and Paul recently returned from Pylos, Greece and Canouan Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, respectively. Keep reading to learn about their THIRDHOME Experience.


The Olive Retreat | Pylos, Greece

Occupying an olive grove on the southwestern coast of Peloponnese, this peaceful villa is in one of Greece’s more remote tourism locales. This makes the location perfect for relaxation, meditation and renewal. The Costa Navarino golf course is also in view of the property and is home to a world-class golf experience designed by two-time U.S. Masters Champion Bernhard Langer. With room for up to 8 people this property is perfect for a family retreat. Relax by the heated pool, explore nearby ancient ruins or charter a sailboat to cruise the Ionian Sea. The opportunities are endless at The Olive Retreat.

THIRDHOME member William says, “We had been to the Romanos area of the Southern Pelleponesse before and were delighted to find this house on THIRDHOME…The villa is an architectural masterpiece sited on a hill overlooking the sea and mountains, and completely surrounded by an olive orchard…You will not find on a better property on THIRDHOME.” click here to read more of William’s review


canouan island greece

Quintess Collection Villa 17 | Canouan Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Endless ocean views and lush tropical surroundings will make your stay at this villa unforgettable. Located on Canouan Island, a small islet in the greater chain of islands comprising Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, this property is part of a private resort filled with extra services and amenities. Enjoy housekeeping, grocery shopping and concierge services while you stay on the island. The property also grants you access to the pearl-white beaches of Carenage Bay to snorkel and sunbathe. Or you can enjoy the dramatic ocean sunset from the villa pool.

THIRDHOME member Paul says, “This was our first time discovering Canouan Island and we knew we were in for a treat as soon as we looked out of the plane and caught a glimpse of the turquoise waters and lush vegetation. The luxurious villa with its sweeping views was absolutely gorgeous. The villa was very spacious for the group of 8 (and 3 generations) that we were…We never ran out of activities to do or areas to discover. We were very sad to leave but all agreed that this was a truly magical place and a most amazing week. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.” click here to read more of Paul’s review


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The kids have been fighting in the back of the car for hours, you’ve already stopped three times, and the humidity is oppressive. You finally check in to your resort, the kids get their bathing suits on, and you run triumphantly to the beach. Next thing you know a gust of wind has blown sand in your eyes and your youngest daughter is crying because the water is still a frigid 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Why can’t the beaches be ready when you are? Well, maybe you’ve been booking the wrong beach vacations.


THESE BEACHES ARE CLIMATE CHAMPIONS YEAR-ROUND: Check out THIRDHOME‘s picks for best beach vacations you can take any time of year


Disclaimer: There’s no one perfect climate for everyone. This list attempts to round up temperatures and climates that remain more consistent throughout the year than other popular destinations for beach vacations.



Kailua-Kona beach vacations

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Climate: Temperature is typically between 68°F to 87°F (20°C-30°C). Rarely below 65°F (18°C) or above 89°F (31°C)

Hawaiian Christmas should definitely be on your bucket-list if it isn’t already. There’s nothing like a tropical escape in the midst of mainland cold. Kailua-Kona is on the western side of Big Island, which is considered the leeward side of the island. The leeward side of any island is the side that’s protected by the island’s elevation. On Big Island, west is leeward and east is windward. This makes Kaiulua-Kona one of the most protected beach sites (from rain and storms) in Hawaii.

Where to stay: Click here to see all properties in the Kailua-Kona area or book a stay at this ocean view Equity Residences home in September.


Malaga beach vacations

Malaga, Spain

Climate: Temperature is typically between 45°F to 88°F (7°C-31°C). Rarely below 38°F (3°C) or above 97°F (36°C)

Parts of Southern Spain, such as Costa Del Sol, are notorious for their insufferably hot days in the city. Malaga falls in this category during summer months, but receives welcome gusts of cool wind from the Meditteranean, making the dry heat bearable. The winters in this subtropical-Mediterranean climate are very mild due to the Northern Malaga mountains which block most of the northern cold from reaching the coast. The city has only seen snow once in the 20th century on a February night in 1954. Malaga is touted for being “green” all year round making it a joy to visit any time of year. June, July, and August- the hottest months- usually peak out around 87° Fahrenheit. Many British and German ex-nationals have moved to the area since the 1970’s for the pleasant weather.

Where to stay: Click here to see all properties in the Malaga area.


cyprus beach vacations


Climate: Temperature is typically between 43°F to 92°F (6°C-33°C). Rarely below 36°F (2°C) or above 96°F (35°C)

Another subtropical-Mediterranean climate, the island of Cyprus has one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean Sea. The climate does shift dramatically the more you travel inland, reflected by the snow covered Troodos Mountains, but the coast is a sunny delight. The coast of Cyprus receives 3,200 hours of sunlight per year compared to foggy London’s 1,540 hours per year. So plan your trip to Cyprus today, and play on the sun-drenched beaches of Nissi.

Where to stay: Click here to see all properties in the Cyprus area.


marseille beach vacations

Marseille, France

Climate: Temperature is typically between 39°F to 84°F (4°C-29°C). Rarely below 30°F (-1°C) or above 90°F (32°C)

Not quite as sunny as Cyprus, but sunnier than the rest of France, Marseille is the perfect mix of beachside fun and French culture. The coastline is spotted with old fortifications and buildings. If you look out into the Bay of Marseille you can see the Frioul Archipelago, which was made famous in the Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo. Dry summers and mild humid winters paired with the Mediterranean breeze makes Marseille, and the surrounding coastal region, a delightful holiday destination year-round.

Where to stay: Click here to see all properties in the Marseille area or stay in nearby St. Tropez or Nice.


mykonos beach vacations

Mykonos, Greece

Climate: Temperature is typically between 48°F to 82°F (9°C-28°C). Rarely below 41°F (5°C) or above 86°F (30°C)

Mykonos and the other Cyclades islands of the Aegean all share bright and temperate springs and summers. But many tourists have the misconception that the islands completely shut down in winter. It is true that many of the big resorts and tourist based restaurants are closed in the off-season, but this can work to your advantage. Traveling off-season can help you avoid the tourist traps that would deprive you of a completely immersive island experience. The waters do get cold during the winter months, but the rocky coast is just as beautiful and the views are fabulous. Mykonos itself is too popular to be abandoned during the off-season so most amenities remain open and operational. Several beachside properties in these areas feature hot Jacuzzis as well.

Where to stay: Click here to see all properties in the Mykonos area or stay at Villa Deep Blue in October.


aruba beach vacations


Climate: Temperature is typically between 77°F to 91°F (19°C-31°C). Rarely below 74°F (16°C) or above 93°F (33°C)

Want all of the thrills of the Caribbean without the unpredictable weather? Visit Aruba! Around 20 miles north of the coast of Venezuela, this Dutch island sits right outside the hurricane zone and receives a constant stream of refreshing trade winds from the north. Cactuses thrive in the semi-arid climate though the island is not uncomfortably dry. The predictability in weather has made Aruba a go-to vacation spot for Americans- so much so that three-quarters of Aruba’s gross national product is made up by tourism and tourism related activities. The other ABC Islands (Curaçao, and Bonaire) also have similar climates.

Where to stay: Click here to see all properties in the Aruba area or stay at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club in December.


Explore any of these prime spots for beach vacations on THIRDHOME‘s website, and book today!

THIRDHOME “Tercera Casa” es un intercambio internacional de casas de lujo. Este concepto crea una tercera opción para disfrutar las vacaciones. Uno de los inconvenientes más frecuentes de ser propietario de una casa de vacaciones es la monotonía del viaje. Con un intercambio de casas, se puede seleccionar un destino diferente por una semana en la casa de otro miembro.

Por ejemplo, si es propietario de una casa en el capital de Guatemala y posee una segunda casa vacacional en La Antigua Guatemala, su opción está limitada a pasar sus vacaciones en La Antigua. Cuando se decide a salir del país y viajar por ejemplo a Belice, no se está utilizando la casa vacacional y por lo tanto está perdiendo costo en el mantenimiento cuando no se usa frecuentemente. THIRDHOME le puede ayudar a cambiar este problema y darle una solución al agregar su propiedad a una selección exclusiva de 10,500 propiedades en más de 95 países. Para poder aplicar a la membresía, sólo necesita ser propietario de una segunda casa y de una pasión para viajar en lujo. Por cada semana que usted está en el sistema de THIRDHOME usted adquiere “llaves” para viajar a la casa de un otro miembro. Para obtener más información, puedes visitar nuestro sitio de web en

A continuación le invitamos a ver un ejemplo de estas propiedades:

Marbella, España

intercambio de casa spain

Disfrute de las vistas del Mediterráneo desde esta villa andaluza, mientras toma mojitos junto a la piscina.

Bariloche, Argentina

intercambio de casa bariloche

Un escape a las montañas de los Andes, como Pablo Neruda, en esta suntuosa mansión en Bariloche.

Kalafati, Grecia

intercambio de casa grecia

Planear una semana de sueño en el Mediterráneo, con un personal de 7 personas, no tendrá que levantar ni un dedo.

Montejo Bay, Jamaica

intercambio de casa jamaica

Para un viaje de familia, esta villa en Jamaica acomoda hasta 8 personas.


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