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Gear up with Ski Butlers: Upgrade your Ski-cation

December 12, 2018 • By Rachel Hawk


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What’s a ski chalet without skis? Make your next ski trip a breeze by letting Ski Butlers sweat the heavy stuff.

Let us make your ski-cation less stressful by helping you get all of your skis in a row, literally. As a member of ThirdHome you already have access to residences at some of the world’s top ski destinations. Once you have reserved your ThirdHome ski property, our partnership with Ski Butlers can add another touch of luxury to your ski vacation!

Ski Butlers allows you to reserve your ski gear in advance. They will bring you gear to your ThirdHome ski residence and make sure it’s a perfect fit. A Ski Butlers representative will even come help you if you need new gear on the slopes! Additionally, you don’t have to pack the gear, they will pick it up when you are done. To top it off, ThirdHome members get a 10% discount.

Ski Butlers

Gearing up a full family or large group for skiing can be a difficult challenge. ThirdHome Senior Vice President of Business Development, Roger Conner knows first-hand, “I took a trip to Park City with my family to ski. There were 13 skiers, 5 of whom were kids. I was dreading the thought of rolling into a ski rental shop and trying to manage the chaos that was sure to ensue. Thankfully, I called our ThirdHome Partner, Ski Butlers.”

If you have ski plans coming up, whether it’s at your own ski residence or a ThirdHome residence, chances are Ski Butlers serves your location. You can find them at major American ski destinations, British Columbia and the French Alps. Sound appealing? Book gear with Ski Butlers this year using your special member benefit of 10% off!

Now that you know you’ve got the gear, if you don’t already have a place to stay, shall we interest you in a ThirdHome chalet or full-service ski resort?

Book with Ski Butlers

Browse ThirdHome Properties in prime ski destinations where you can add on an equipment rental with Ski Butlers:

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