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Partnership Pulse: Acquire Professional Property Photos with StudioNow

May 16, 2018 • By THIRDHOME

Reveal your property's potential with stunning photography.


You have an amazing property with luxury appointments in one of the most in-demand destinations in the world. So, why does your property have trouble booking? The answer may lie in the quality of your property photos. Whether they’re blurry, grainy, poorly lit, or low resolution, a bad photo can make your otherwise gorgeous home look less than desirable online. Don’t let your home become the victim of bad photography. Learn how THIRDHOME‘s newest partner can help improve your bookings through the power of professional photography.


THIRDHOME is proud to announce a new partnership with StudioNow, a global network of videographers and photographers ready to make your second home look amazing.


Do you want to elevate the look, feel and quality of your property page? Book a half-day shoot with StudioNow for a comprehensive set of property photos.



When you book a shoot with StudioNow, a professional photographer from their global network of creatives will be sent to your property. Over 2 hours, the photographer will take high-quality images of the main exterior, entrance, main living areas, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, bathroom, entertainments spaces, pool, outdoor areas, views and any additional bedrooms.



You’ll receive one edited photo per room of the house/property for the special THIRDHOME member rate of $350. You can also add the following to your shoot:

  • 10 additional photos for $250
  • Additional photo retouching for $80/hr
  • Aerial drone photos (up to 5) for $400


You know you have an incredible property. Let the world know how great it is with professional high-quality property photos through StudioNow.


Ready for a photo refresh? Click here to reveal your listing’s potential with StudioNow.

+25% ancillary fee for international shoots


Questions about working with StudioNow:

How long will it take for someone to reach out after I enter the order?
You will receive an immediate email confirmation of the order being received. Please allow 1-2 business days for a StudioNow project manager (the person who will prepare customer and book a photographer) to reach out to you via the project page or over the phone.


Do I need to be there for the photo shoot?
Homeowner or appropriate party will meet photographer at location to provide access to the location.


Do I need to prepare my home for the photo shoot?

Home will have been cleaned and prepared for the shoot by homeowner or another party.


What happens if I haven’t paid for my photo shoot yet?

StudioNow will not book a photo shoot until the order is paid in full. If StudioNow has reached out to you 3-4 times over a month and no response is received then the order will be placed on hold until you’re ready to move forward.


How much notice does StudioNow need in order to book my photo shoot?
Preferably 5 business days for a large market, 2 weeks for a more remote area, but don’t hold back from challenging us to a tight turnaround…we can make it happen at times!


What can I expect on the photo shoot?
The StudioNow photographer will be on the property for 2 hours or less. We have a shot list prepared if there is not one created by the customer.


What can I expect after the photo shoot?
Please allow 3-5 business days after the photo shoot to receive a download link to your photos. They will be available under the “project files” tab of your project page. You will receive a note from your StudioNow Project Manager through the project page once the photos are available.
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