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Millionaire Holiday Home Swap: How to Travel in Thailand

September 20, 2022 • By Ben Ball

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We’re here to help you travel in Thailand with ease on your next holiday! Thailand is a nation in Southeast Asia that has become the most traveled region—offering lush jungles, world-class food, tropical beaches, and scuba diving. You’ll catch a glimpse of this country’s magnificence in the Paramount+ original series, Millionaire Holiday Home Swap.

Where should you travel in Thailand?

Bangkok – A city that is hard to put your thumb on, you can do everything from visiting ancient architecture to the largest open-air market in the world.

Phuket – One of the best places in Thailand to visit for families. It’s known as the gateway to the southern beaches of Thailand.

Ko Samui – The second largest island of Thailand and one that you can directly fly into, is the perfect place to relax thanks to its luxury hotels and white sandy beaches.

Khao Yai National Park – If you are looking for the best access to Thailand’s wildlife, look no further than Kao Yai National Park—just a 2-hour drive from Bangkok.

Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai, the capital of the Northern Territory, is the perfect escape for any foodie.

When should you visit Thailand?

Unsure of the best time of year to visit Thailand? The dry season is your best bet if you are hoping for ideal Thai weather. The dry season starts in November and lasts until the spring. Not only is it the mildest, weather-wise, but the winter also sees some of Thailand’s most significant cultural festivals, like Loy Krathong.

What is there to do in Thailand?

  1. Island hop
  2. Shop a floating market
  3. Ride a tuk tuk
  4. Eat street food
  5. Sea kayak or scuba dive
  6. Visit or volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park
  7. Experience nightlife in the main cities
  8. Explore ancient ruins

Thailand Travel Tips

Best Places to Stay in Thailand

Seascape Escape

Baan Saleah

Curious to see where your second home can take you? Find out how you can swap your holiday home to explore Thailand and beyond!

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