Member Spotlight: Ernie Jergins

March 22, 2017 • By CHartley


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Ernie truly understands the value of ThirdHome. He said, “This is the best program out there! The experience is great with the professional staff, quality of luxury member homes and not having to do a direct exchange with another members home.” This Texas resident has his ThirdHome in Mexico, his home country. Currently living in New Braunfels, Ernie loves to travel to new cities when he’s not working. Meet longtime ThirdHome member Ernie Jergins!


How did you hear about ThirdHome?

My second home is in San Miguel, Mexico and a lady friend of mine told me about ThirdHome in San Miguel. Now I tell all my friends about ThirdHome. ThirdHome is the real deal, it’s the best thing I have ever joined and you all run it perfect. This was a great vision on Wade’s (ThirdHome Founder and CEO) part.

What are your travel hobbies?

Tennis and fine wines.

What do you do for a living?

I own Ernestos Jewelry, a fine jewelry store that has diamonds imported from Belgium. I also own and develop real estate shopping centers and mini-storage buildings.

What do you love about ThirdHome?

I’m 56 and able to travel, do what I want, when I want and ThirdHome has changed everything for me. Before I would look at nice hotels, now I look at beautiful homes for a fraction of the price. I love this deal and I hope to continue forever. I have prepared years in advance because I see the value in ThirdHome.

Where do you plan to travel next with ThirdHome?

I plan to go next to Cabo. I have traveled to Costa Rica and a few other places and it’s been great. I have several reservations pending with ThirdHome.

Tell us about your second home with ThirdHome!

My ThirdHome is in San Miguel, Mexico. It comes with first-class furnishings, amenities and a staff complete with maids and cooks. I will make my home available again real soon. The last time I put up 6 weeks and they filled quickly so be ready. I’m very happy I’m in this club. Thank you ThirdHome.


Photos from Ernie Jergins travels:

Ernie-Jergins-fishing Ernie-Jergins-drinking-out-of-coconut Ernie-Jergins-travel-photo Ernie-Jergins-travel  band-playing-in-mexico mexican-band Ernie-Jergins high-note-malbec-wine Ernie-Jergins-at-a-winery Ernie-Jergins-and-friends Ernie-Jergins-at-a-vineyard

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