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May 7, 2020 • By Margeaux Gerwin


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Have your heart set on a certain stay, but want to save your Keys?

THIRDHOME members will now be notified when their Saved Searches or Watched properties have Keyless stays.

Members already have the ability to set up Saved Searches or Watched Properties alerts and receive a notification when new stays are deposited and match their specific criteria. To learn how to set up Saved Searches, please click here.

Now, members will also receive an alert if those weeks become Keyless. These notifications are included within the regular property communications. A Keyless week means that the member can reserve the week without using Keys, and only pay the associated Exchange fee. Even better, members can set alerts specifically for Keyless stays. This is done in the same way other property alerts are set up. So whether members are hoping to reserve a stay far in the future or as soon as next week, they will always be aware of great stays with THIRDHOME.

These notifications will also be shown in the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen. View this menu by clicking on the bell icon.

As always, members are able to view their Saved Searches and Watched properties by viewing their New Availability page located in their dashboard.

Depending on their membership tier, THIRDHOME members have access to Keyless stays within 30 or 60 days. To upgrade your membership tier, please click the button below or contact the Member Experience team by emailing

*You must be logged into your account to view your member dashboard.

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