A Guide to Sailing with Navigare Yachting

November 19, 2020 • By Meghan Spellman


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All you need to know about chartering a yacht with Navigare.

Partnering with Navigare has provided our members with a whole new way to see the world through ThirdHome. However, we understand that with this unique way of traveling can come unfamiliarity and uncertainty of the process if you are new to the sailing world. If you are thinking about chartering a yacht with Navigare but have some questions before booking, keep reading! Here’s a guide on all you need to know about Navigare and its yacht charters, so you can sail away at sea in no time!

Who is Navigare Yachting?

Navigare Yachting is an international full-service yachting company headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Navigare’s fleet has more than 300 yachts worldwide. With yacht charter locations spanning worldwide including the British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Greece, Newport, Rhode Island, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and Turkey, Navigare is a leading yacht company with so much to offer.

ThirdHome partnered with Navigare Yachting in October of 2020. Members of the Club can book seven-night stays on Navigare yachts ranging in size from 36-52 feet. The cost of the boat itself is covered by the Keys and exchange fee. For every Navigare exchange, guests are required to pay the “Navigare Carefree Pack” fee that covers insurance, Wi-Fi, snorkeling equipment, and more. All other fees are to be covered by the guest and may include: a daily cruising tax, yacht fuel, provisioning, and any hired crew such as a skipper or hostess. Please be sure to check each yacht’s property page for their respective fees.

How do yacht charters work with Navigare?

You’ve been reading all these various terms: bareboat charter, a skipper, Navigare Carefree Pack… but not sure what it all means. Check out the video below to better understand how yachting with Navigare works!

Where can I go with Navigare?

Some of the most popular Navigare destinations are the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands. Looking to learn more about these destinations? Check out Navigare’s page on the Bahamas destination here and the British Virgin Islands here. In addition to general information on these destinations, these pages are a great resource for itinerary suggestions, weather information, and more!

Now that you’ve gotten a rundown on all things Navigare Yachting, we hope you feel ready to book your trip at sea! Have additional questions about booking with Navigare Yachting? Reach out to your Member Experience Associate or the Member Experience team at memberexperience@thirdhome.com and we will be sure to get you any answers or info you may need.

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