Savannah Ipsen

Software Engineer

Savannah was born in Salt Lake City and has lived in Oregon and Colorado, thriving in mountainous environments where she enjoys the fresh air and diverse wildlife.

She pursued nursing at Dixie State University after gaining valuable experience working for SkyWest Airlines, which fueled her passion for travel. This opportunity allowed her to explore various countries and discover parts of the world she had never imagined visiting. Transitioning from her love of travel to a career in technology, Savannah developed her software engineering skills while working for a healthcare-focused tech company.

Currently residing on a mountaintop in Colorado, Savannah shares her home with goats, sheep, dogs, and cats. An avid animal lover, she volunteers at local animal shelters and cherishes time spent with her own pets. In her leisure time, she enjoys rock climbing, skydiving, brewing her own beer, kayaking on the local reservoir, and relaxing with her family.

Known for her adventurous spirit, Savannah embraces life to the fullest and continually seeks new thrills and experiences.

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