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Samir Oulmi

Member Experience

Associate, Exchange


After graduating from the University of West London with a degree in Travel & Tourism Management, Samir joined THIRDHOME’s Member Experience team to help bring his love of travel to European members. Fluent in two languages, Samir will be able to assist French and English speaking members. Travel has always been a great passion of Samir. Originally born in London, he moved abroad at the age of 2 to live in Bangladesh for 7 years, then Tanzania for 4 years and finally China for 3 years before returning to the UK in 2011. Having lived in Europe, Asia and Africa he was able to visit 29 different countries, 83 cities and 4 continents. Samir’s annual goal is to visit at last one new country and city every year. His favorite personal travel experience was hot air ballooning over the Serengeti plains in Tanzania where he was able to see the sunrise over the African savannah and the great migration of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles. Aside from his love of travel Samir enjoys tennis and exploring London’s epicurean wonders with fellow foodies.

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