Nadia Buccolieri

Manager, Membership Growth, International

Nadia was born in Switzerland but grew up in the north of Italy and is passionate about foreign languages and got a bachelor’s degree in Turin. Her free spirit and curiosity to discover the world brought her to Paris, where she worked for ten years in sales for prestigious luxury brands in the fashion industry.

Her desire to explore different work areas, together with the want to come back to the family, led her back to Italy, where she could make her dream come true of owning a property.

A very interesting job opportunity in hospitality came through Marriott in Spain, and thanks to her brave attitude, she didn’t hesitate to jump on it. Even if the job ended because was just seasonal, she could discover her dream place, Marbella, where she has been living for eight years and where she has developed extensive experience in customer service for different companies.

In the last year, she also started a personal project in hospitality, renting her family properties in Marbella to tourists.

Nadia describes herself as an emphatic and positive person and is happy to demonstrate that she will be a good part of the team and a good asset to the company.

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