Michelle Meehan

Manager, Membership Growth, International

An Irish native from Dublin, Michelle had the travel and adventure bug from the age of 21. Traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, LA, and settling in New York for 2 years as an events coordinator opened up a whole new world of opportunities. On return to Dublin at 23 years-old, Michelle studied Business/Events and Marketing at Dublin Business School, which resulted in an amazing job offer back in Manhattan, New York as Sales/Event Manager, where she enjoyed seven fantastic years working with Corporate and Leisure clients. She highlights hosting SuperBowl with Budweiser each year and enjoying the Rooftop space with views of the Empire State Building as her office.

Michelle moved back to Dublin in 2017 after her twin boys were born: it was time for a change and she was lucky to land a fantastic role as Sales Manager at Dylan Hotel, a 5-Star Boutique hotel in Dublin. Michelle enjoyed building great working relationships with her accounts including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Accenture.

Michelle‚Äôs next career move was to Marbella in September 2021. She says, “Dublin was my first home, New York my second home, and now I have found my THIRDHOME both personally and professionally in Marbella. I feel very grateful.”

Michelle is looking forward to exploring Spain, visiting new cities around the world with her family, and enjoying the simple pleasures of living in the sunshine with her husband and twins.

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